10 session pack

10 Entrainments - $700 (save $50) and have the ease of each session coming off automatically.

Hit Refresh - 12 Week Program

per week for 12 weeks (NZ$2,160.00 total)
Hit Refresh is our 12 week Program

Our 12 week program is designed to help create new effective strategies, in BOTH body and mind.

We do this by working on your nervous system using a combination of very powerful and effective techniques (body awareness / body work and Mindset re-training) that we have been applying, studying and mastering for the last 13 years.

Helping 100’s of people transform their lives in a way they did not know was possible.

We are getting amazing life changing results everyday.

24 Entrainments over 12 weeks and Access to our Wellness Mindset Mastery online course.

*You can also pay upfront in full and receive a discount email us for this option.

Wellness Mindset Mastery Online Course

per week for 12 weeks (NZ$360.00 total)
Wellness Mindset Mastery Online Course - Weekly investment of just $30 for 12 payments only. ( Inspiring Wellness Clients Only)

You will receive an email with your login and password to begin the course.

What would life be like if you could change your mindset and way of life?

I am so happy to have you on board with us.

You are about to start a very powerful series, and will learn so much. These insights will be with you for a lifetime.

This 'Wellness Mindset Mastery' was originally made as a series of webinars recorded live. People had the chance to ask questions as they went along. I encourage you to play as if you were watching live. I would love you to share with me your insights as you go along with this course via email or when you come in for your session. I also want to encourage you to take notes as you go along in the downloadable workbook provided.

The feedback I receive from people doing this course has been outstanding.

Your very FIRST module is called the Wellness Shift - I believe it is the most important, as it sets a very powerful foundation, framework and will help you to shift your mindset. I am happy you are about to experience it.

What you'll get:

Every Week is jam packed with insights and exercises.
- Gives You Tools For Life and strategies you can use over and over!
- Helps you determine between staying stuck and breaking free ,change your thinking and focus easily!
- It isn't just about management, each module delves into your triggers and patterns that are holding you back from thriving.
-Creates a new blueprint of how you view yourself . Allows you to let go of that old identity.

You can either follow along or take your time go back over the content, really embody the strategies.
There is a downloadable workbook to use alongside the course which is found in the homework section.
You also have access to the original videos of the live launch - which has people's live questions answered.

What are you waiting for let's get started!!

What People Are Saying:
“12 weeks went by quickly (too quickly for my liking) and I had transformed into a totally new person. Not only did you help me with my anxiety, but you also helped me learn a lot about myself and made me realise I was capable of so much more than I ever imagined. ” Wikitoria