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Health Coaching

4 Week Foundation Package

The 4 Week Foundation Package of weekly, 45 minute Zoom sessions gives you the continued support, relevant information and guidance to ensure your successful follow through. Together we will navigate, build and fine tune your fitness routine and or your nutrition and or restorative goals. Equipped with check ins, tracking systems, encouragement and accountability, your 4 Week Foundation Package will put your feet on the ground and you in the drivers seat to forge ahead with a healthier lifestyle!

8 Week "Build it!" Package

Sustaining new, healthy habits is perhaps one of the hardest things to accomplish as we juggle all the other demands in life. Our health is our most important asset, yet it is left at the bottom of the to do list or is ignored completely. But here is the good news! Turning your health around is absolutely at your finger tips with knowledgeable coaching. Give yourself some space, time and focus. Work with me for 8, 45 minute Zoom sessions and watch how great things happen. One small habit at a time!