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BodyMind Health Empowerment

BodyMind Health Empowerment

per month
Billed monthly and includes:

2 scheduled BodyMind Empowerment calls per month for clarity, self-healing, and support.

The option to utilize Voxer support as needed.

The option to schedule a 90-minute Healing & Empowerment session at a discounted rate of $99 during the coaching term.

The option to re-evaluate at any time to improve effectiveness for you, and of course, you have the option to end at any time.

Just as with all my services, confidentiality is protected and a safe sacred space is held for you.

After payment you will receive an email with your link to schedule your BodyMind Empowerment calls, Voxer instructions, your coupon code to schedule discounted Healing & Empowerment sessions, and other contact information.