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Limited Time Series


Ready to save $195?!? Get it while you can!
Buy FOUR WhammyBammy DermalInfusion facials and get a 5th one on the house!

A single DermalInfusion treatment is fabulous. And a series can give you serious results!

(Your opportunity to purchase this heckuva deal expires May Day (5/1/19) so don't wait! And, you'll have 365 days to finish the series).

Celluma LED Light Therapy Series

A series of 6 to use over a 1 month period. We recommend at least 2x per week for 3 weeks (and, 3x week for 2 might be even better!).

This series pricing gives your skin the max benefit of LED therapy + one free session!

All you need is clean, dry skin and 30 minutes ... the blue / red / Near-IR lights do the rest.

Originally developed by NASA, low-level light thearpy produces a natural photobiochemical reaction that has a wide range of of benefits for the skin including treatment of acne, wrinkles, fine lines, skin tone and texture as well as muscle & joint pain.

Turn Up the Glow

Are you ready to level up the radiant wattage of your skin?

Increase your facial wattage: 6 Dermalinfusion Treatments combined with 6 LED & special brightening mask custom to your skin goals. Plus, you go home with Lumixyl Brightening Pads, Lumixyl Brightening Cream and Tizo3 SPF!

The deal: $1250 for $1585 worth of services & products ---> you're saving $335! Pay once and your skin benefits in the studio and at home for just $208 per treatment over the next 6 treatments

This series is for you if you are frustrated with hyperpigmentation or dark spots. It's also for you if you are ready to tackle fine lines, improve the tone & texture of your skin, firm your skin, decrease the appearance of your pores, get rid of congestion & extra oil, hydrate & plump your skin's surface, and kick up the radiance & resilience of your skin.

How best to use your series of 6: If your schedule permits, schedule the first 2 treatments 2 weeks apart. Then, schedule one per month over the following 4 months. Why 6? This is the number of consistent treatments where long-term effects take hold and your goals are met.