Community Memberships

Digital Access Monthly

per month
This monthly membership entitles the buyer to digital access to all WPMaster.me online resources, including but not limited to: Recorded webinars, videos, tutorials, discussion forums, boards, and the members-only Facebook group. This level is perfect for the DIY WordPress site owner who is always eager to learn more and amp up her site. Upgrade at any time to the Live level for seats and participation at our expert webinars and events.

Live All-Access Membership

per month
Join our live webinars and training sessions and get your site in the hot seat! This level is the best deal for ongoing site awesomeness, and affords the buyer with live chat support throughout the work day, the ability to email for help, and a deep 20% discount for all 1-on-1 support. Stay in the loop with WordPress while leaning on experts in our community for the tough stuff.

VIP Annual Membership

per year
Annual VIP Membership in the Women's Site Support Community. This pre-pay, annual fee entitles the member to one hour per month of call time with Kate, as well as digital and live access to all resources, videos, webinars, and live events. This level is designed for the serious site owner who has great growth goals and is ready to spend the time tackling them. Only 12 of these VIP memberships will be sold. Pricing subject to change. No refunds or credits.

VIP Founder's Club *Payment Plan*

per week for 4 weeks ($900.00 total)
Want to join the community at the VIP level, but need to pay in installments? That's possible now!