Casual Class plus Bobby the Beach Ball plus T-shirt!

$ AUD50.00
For the superfans! Take home your very own Bobby the Beach Ball and look like a total rock start in Kiddyrock brand merchandise! T-shirts available in red, blue, pink and white.

Casual Class plus Bobby the Beach Ball!

$ AUD30.00
Bobby the Beach Ball is Kiddyrock’s number 1 mascot!

Children and babies love rolling, throwing, kicking, bouncing and catching Bobby the Beach Ball at all our music classes!

He is so light and bouncy, no one gets worried if he bounces off their head. Babies love using him as an exercise ball, he is the perfect size and weight for babies to catch and grab, roll on top of and push!

These beach balls really are an amazing sensory toy for children to develop fine and gross motor skills.

Everybody loves Bobby the Beach Ball! Pick up at class!

Casual Class plus T-Shirt!

$ AUD45.00
Support Kiddyrock and look like a total rockstar in this kids short sleeve! Love hearts and lightning bolts FTW! Comes in red, blue, pink and black! Pick up at class.