1 One-on-One with Carolyn Solares

Burst Support | 12 Months

Feel supported.

The rules are changing faster than ever. What used to happen over a career, now happens in a matter of weeks. Sometimes it happens all at once.

Burst Support helps you adapt and thrive in accelerating and constant change.

12 - 18 Sessions over 12 months. (90 or 60 minute sessions.)

Stop Dreading Work

Work shouldn’t suck the life out of you. This accelerated One-on-One workshop is part training, part strategy, part coaching. Take your power back, so your work today takes you where you really want to go.

12 Weeks | 10 Sessions | 60-mins each

Strategy Burst Workshop

Clarify strategic direction. Recognize political and cognitive traps that derail the best strategies. Create structure out of ambiguity. Prioritize the highest value work. Align short-term work with strategy. Keep work moving even as strategies continue to evolve.

thinking w/carolyn | 3 x 55 mins | piloting


2 Burst Coaching

45-Min Burst

Why do we charge for a trial? Simple: you'll get much more out of it if you pay for it.

But if you decide you'd like further One-on-One coaching, the $95 will be credited towards future sessions.

Trial sessions must be completed in 15 days from purchase.

Burst Coaching | 3 Sessions | 90-mins

Sometimes you need to workshop ideas with someone who’s not your boss – or related to you. Clear mental blocks. Plan your next steps. Grow your impact. Make your work easier.

(Please use appointments within 90 days.)

3 Not in use

Burst Coaching (Nike)


Burst Coaching | 5 sessions


Burst Support - 12 Months (monthly)

per month for 12 months ($7,200.00 total)