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Health Packages

5-WEEK Coaching Package

Get to the root of your symptoms. In these five weeks, you'll uncover why you are having this pain, plus the best exercises and natural remedies to soothe your discomfort.

Here are some topics that are included in your coaching package. 
*Why does sex hurt? You'll learn exercises, breathing patterns and botanicals to ease the pain. 
*Why is my PMS worse? You'll discover diet and botanicals techniques to soothe sore breasts and bloating
*Why am I always constipated? You'll discover foods and botanicals to ease digestion
*Why do I pee my pants? Discuss why this is happening and what you can do about it. 
*Why do I still look pregnant? Learn how digestion and correct exercises can heal diastasis recti. 
*Why am I so exhausted?
Discover botanicals that can soothe anxiety, support sleep deprivation, and boost energy if you are sleeping.