Wellness Accelerator

Wellness Accelerator (5 Session Package)

$ AUD899.00
Are you ready Accelerator your Wellness?

The Wellness Accelerator Package
* Is for those who are ready to accelerate their health & life in a key area and move beyond just new beginnings
* You will unblock, resolve and clear the main patterns, beliefs, emotions, feelings and/or experiences that have been holding you back AND work through more and deeper layers and aspects of your life that you have always wanted to explore, resolve and begin to break-free
* To accelerate your wellness, you’ll learn and implement new and empowering tools and techniques which you can incorporate in your daily life to continue your personal wellness beyond the sessions
* enables you to accelerate your health and Wellness journey beyond the core elements, at a rate you would have previous thought impossible.

The Wellness Accelerator Package includes
* 5 x 60-minute sessions
* Sessions must be used within a three month period
* Package is discounted from $1,100 to $899 (SAVE $180)