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Corona-cation Quarantine Kit

1 Express Mousse + Application Mitt
1 Body Bar or Cleanser
1 Body Butter or Cream

This Kit allows you to keep up your Bronze for 4 to 8 weeks!

Express Venetian Self Tanning Lotion

A smooth, tanning lotion with the ability to rinse in a few hours for a beautiful Bronzed tan. Works best in combination with a self tanning mitt to keep your palms from unnatural colors and easily achieve a flawless Bronze.

Express Mousse

Achieve a light glow to a deep Bronze within hours! This tan lasts for at least a week, looks like an even, professional spray and you can rinse within a few hours depending on the depth of color you want.

Tahitian Tanning Mist

This Tahitian Mist is an excellent way to get and keep your glow all throughout Quarantine. Best used in combination with a blending mitt to achieve a flawless, even tan.

4 Faces

Everyone loves a glowing appearance and 4 Faces Mist is designed specifically to do just that! Spray on a makeup sponge and blend just like makeup to achieve a Bronze that lasts for days!

Tan Extender Full Size

Extend your tan or apply daily to gradually achieve glowing skin!

Tan Extender Travel Size

Extend the life of your Bronze or gradually build a beautiful color with this tan extender! Travel size is perfect for vacation to keep you glowing!

Goat Milk Body Bars

Goat's Milk Bars available to keep you clean and moisturized!
Current Scents Available:
Peachy Keen, Island Mango, Life's A Beach, Unscented

Goat Milk Body Cream

This wonderfully light cream provides luxurious moisture with delicious scents for healthy, glowing skin results!
Available Scents: Life's A Beach, Mango Coconut
More Scents coming soon!

Vegan Body Bars

Vegan Body Bar made with coconut milk gives excellent cleaning and moisturizing results!
Current Scents: Pink Sugar
More Scents arriving soon!

Vegan Body Cream

Formulated with Coconut milk and other all natural, premium quality ingredients, this cream is light and richly moisturizing.