Gina Mallison Coaching Services

For New Clients

Months 1-3: Calibrating to Steadiness

I'm inviting you on a journey to calibrate your vibration and find your steadiness on all topics in your life that are important to you.

In your first session with me, you got to experience a significant vibrational shift on at least one topic - that new vibration you reached during our session allowed you to see that topic from a higher perspective than ever before, allowing you to disconnect from negative, limiting beliefs and connect with the new belief (or knowing) that is there to support your discovery of all things wanted on that topic.

Here's the thing you need to know - your old beliefs, feelings, and patterns of focus have momentum (due to Law of Attraction) - which means, you've experienced those old thoughts & feelings long enough that they are very familiar to you and it will be easy for you to slip back into those old patterns of thoughts and emotions. You will never get as low as you were before the session, but there is work to do to achieve the kind of vibrational steadiness that will allow you to realize your desires in their fullness.

In order to become masterful at achieving vibrational steadiness, you must become a master of your focus and vibration - and you do that through regular calibrations on topics that currently cause you emotional uncomfortability or stress. Consistency in this program is key for the most transformative experience.

Trust me that this is not hard work - this is a JOY-FILLED journey of self-discovery and empowerment! You'll be eager for these transformational sessions - each week you will feel better and better and your life experience will continue to improve more and more as a mirror-reflection.

What's Included:
These initial 3 months of private 1:1 coaching includes twelve 1-hour sessions, spaced 1-week apart from each other. Each session is recorded and sent to you to download and keep forever, allowing you the opportunity for continual learning and expansion with every rewatching of them. It's a delicious opportunity for growth, expansion, freedom and joy that extends far beyond the time we spend together live during our calls.

Months 4-6: Building Momentum & Beginning Mastery

Option to continue coaching after your initial 3 month package:

In those first 12 weeks of coaching and calibrations, we raised your vibrational set-points on topic after topic, and you've been able to experience extremely positive changes in your reality in a very tangible way - now it's time to capitalize on this momentum and take your life experience to the next level as well as get you even stronger in your ability to focus & unfocus at will.

As you start this next phase of coaching, you will begin to see your reality start shifting and changing in front of your eyes at an even more rapid pace, matching your even higher vibrational set-points. These next three months of coaching will be exhilarating as you begin to step into your creative powers more and more.

This second phase of coaching involves weekly 30-minute sessions for 12 weeks.

Months 6-9: Focusing on Mastery

Option to continue coaching after your initial 6 months of coaching:

Months 6-9 focuses on mastery - our goal is to get you to the point where you only need me for occasional tune-ups because you have such an understanding of the creation process and such masterful control over your focus and attention.

Depending on where you are with your progress of maintaining vibrational awareness and steadiness throughout your day and mastering your ability to focus, after your first 6 months of coaching, you may decide to keep your weekly cadence of one 30-minute session each week, or decide to space them out over 2-3 weeks and extend this period of mastery beyond the 9-month mark.

Either way, this package of twelve 30 minute sessions will keep your progress and momentum going in a steady way while you master how to do this work on your own and rely less and less on me as your coach.

ALL IN: Full Year of Weekly Private Coaching + Vibrational Mastery

If you know that you're going to want to meet with me weekly for the entire year, this package is what you'll want to get.

This year long program gets you everything listed above for months 1-9 with an additional a package of twelve 30-minute sessions to be used weekly in months 9-12, plus membership to Vibrational Mastery Group Coaching Program for an entire year.