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coaching subscriptions

Pocket Coach 30-Minute Consultation

$20.00 initial setup plus $95.00 per month
Your pocket coach is here to assist. Along with your 2 emails each month you receive a 30-minute check-up call to help keep you on track with your goals.

Naturopathic Wellness Packages

Naturopathic Wellness Package (online package)

$50.00 initial setup plus $265.00 per week for 4 weeks ($1,110.00 total)
Kickstart your journey to optimal health with our Naturopathic Wellness Package. This comprehensive care package includes four sessions designed to address your individual needs and guide you towards holistic well-being:

Initial Consultation (Up to 90 minutes)
Environment Assessment & Evaluation (Up to 60 minutes)
Personalized Cooking Class (Up to 2 hours)
Follow-up and Ongoing Plan of Action (Up to 30 minutes)
Empower yourself with personalized guidance from our experienced naturopathic practitioner and take control of your health today!