Niya Hamilton Consultancy LLC


Fiscal & Grant Management Services

Grants Accountant

per month for 12 months ($120,000.00 total)
Advise & perform post-award grant functions. Track and manage grants; invoicing funders and perform draw-downs via PMS; perform month-end reconciliations and journal entries. Provide Grants Administration; communicates with funders. Assist with Audit preparation. (Schedule Discovery Consultation prior to booking this service)

Hamilton Luxe

#Liveluxe Monthly Newsletter

per month
Monthly Email subscription service. Hamilton Luxe #LIVELUXE | The Experience is a monthly newsletter delivered to your inbox the 1st day of each month. This service offers recipe tips, décor ideas, and ways to elevate your everyday living experience! You’ll also receive advanced notice of HL Virtual Events, Promo offers, and Sales!

Professional Coaching & Accountability

Business Process Management

$1,000.00 initial setup plus $1,000.00 per month for 3 months ($4,000.00 total)
Ideal for entrepreneurs needing to create structure for their business. Clients receive a weekly framework and bi-monthly "Professional Coaching & Accountability". A finalized "Business Process Management" manual is created for your business. (Schedule a General Consultation call prior to booking this service)

Service Contracts

The Consultancy Membership Services

per month for 12 months ($6,600.00 total)
A monthly advisory service agreement for accountability and needs assessment.

Accountability Services

per month for 3 months ($2,250.00 total)
3-month Accountability Session (2 calls per month); ideal for continued advisory support after project completion.

Retainer Agreement

per month for 3 months ($3,300.00 total)
3-month Retainer Agreement Plan; ideal for Businesses seeking continued project support with deliverables*.