90 Minute Massage Session Gift Certificate

This is a gift certificate for (1) 90minute massage session. That extra half hour of the session sometimes makes all the difference.

60 Minute Massage Session Gift Certificate

Congratulations! This is good for (1) 60minute massage session! You are a step closer to feeling great!

3 Pack of 60minute massage sessions

This is good for (3) 60 minute customized bodywork sessions. The body responds to consistency, give it a chance to figure out what you want!

The 3 Pack of 90minute sessions

The reset! It usually takes 3 sessions to 're-educate ' the nervous system. The body responds to consistency give it a chance!

12 hour package of Bodywork

You are on track to keep your body is check. You are putting us behind you on your team and we'll have your back. 12 session pack is for the person that wants to stay on track.