3 Private Lesson Package

Save $45 when you buy 3 private lessons.

You will be emailed a code to use when booking private lessons on the website.

Not valid for semi-private lessons.

Expires 180 days (roughly 6 months) of purchase date.

Basic Membership

per month
Basic Membership

Only for students current and previous who have taken a minimum of three months of weekly pole classes
Access to the studio anytime it is not booked out for classes/parties/rehearsals
For highly motivated individuals who enjoy a dedicated practice space with the extra perks of: tall poles, plenty of floor space, mats, temperature control, sound system, and a neat backdrop.

How it works:

Review the rules below. If you agree to the terms, please follow the next step.
Payment will be deducted every month on the 15th. If you only want to sign up for one month, cancel your membership before the 15th or give us a call/message before the 15th.
Once you have signed up, we give you a call/message to set up a time for an orientation.

In this orientation we will guide you through how to open the studio, change the poles from spin to static, and where to find supplies inside the studio.

Every Sunday night we will send everyone an email with the updated calendar for the week/month. We will send out a group text/email for last minute appointments. Appointments must be scheduled one hour prior to start time. (Example: someone wants to book a private lesson for Saturday at 3pm, we will send everyone a message no later than 2pm)

Studio Rules:
Until we are cleared from health professionals, masks are required the ENTIRE time you are in the studio. This includes solo-practice. The virus is spread through air droplets that can last in the air for up to hours. We do not want to risk possible exposure to the virus.

Jewelry is not allowed on the poles.
Inverting (on the pole, hips over the head) is not allowed without express permission from the owner. Inverting is not permitted without the use of a mat. Inverting is not allowed unless another person is present.
Members are allowed to bring guests to the studio for $10. A guest is anyone that is not a member who is inside the studio. Even if they are not using the equipment, they must pay the fee to be inside the studio. Fees can be paid by cash, venmo, or paypal.

Stereo cannot be used at max volume unless you bring your own sound system.
Public displays of affection are not allowed in the studio. Sex is not allowed in the studio or entryway.
Alcohol and vaping/smoking is prohibited.
No more than 13 people are allowed in the studio at one time.

Before leaving the studio:
All poles are set to static
Poles that have been touched are wiped down with an isopropyl wipe
Mats that were used are sprayed with disinfectant
All handles are wiped or sprayed down with a disinfectant
Temperature is set to 60 when you leave. (super important!)
All lights have been shut off including studio, changing area, and bathroom.
Floor is swept where you used it last.

Guided Membership

per month
This membership is for those that are interested in a little more guidance with their access to the studio. We provide a guided warm-up routine, set of exercises, and pole routines to learn. Additionally, we add worksheets to help you create your ideal pole practice.

Private Student Membership

per month
This membership is for those interested in having a coach to personalize classes for their goals/needs and also have access to the studio to practice what is covered in class.

Two one-hour private lessons a month
Access to the studio to practice what we learned in class
Private link to video footage and break down of moves/skills we learned in class
Build a relationship with a personal coach who wants to see you succeed. Send your coach questions and clarify technique.

Beginner Pole Dance w/Yetti

Beginner Pole Dance w/Yetti (4 pack)

Save $20 when you buy a 4 class pass.

Use for any Beginner Pole Dance w/Yetti class. Currently Monday's 1-2pm and Thursday's 1:15-2:15pm.

After buying, you will receive a unique code to use to sign up for each class individually. Please sign up in advance if you know your schedule to secure a spot!

Expires after 90 days

Student Special Beginner Pole w/Yetti

4 Classes for $40
Only valid for Beginner Pole w/Yetti Classes (Mondays 1-2pm and Thursday's 1:15-2:15pm)

Must be a student.
Expires in 90days.
Let's pole dance!

After buying, you will receive a unique code to use to sign up for each class individually. Please sign up in advance if you know your schedule to secure a spot.

Please bring a pair of pole shorts (think volleyball spandex-like) and a non-glass water bottle. Masks are required! We have disposables available in the studio as well.