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E-Collar Dog Training Package

Our E-Collar (remote collar) dog training package is ideal for owners who want to learn how to use the tool to improve obedience, off-leash reliability, and social skills. We can also overcome issues like aggression, reactivity, and leash pulling behavior.

The dog training package includes 3 one-on-one training sessions and an E-Collar* system. While every training program is unique to the dog, here is an example of the focus of each session.

Session 1: Assessment of current challenges, custom E-Collar fitting, and an E-
Collar introduction.

Session 2: Practice and build on your E-Collar skills. Increasing the challenge for your dog.

Session 3: Work on that BIG goal. This could include off-leash recall, hiking manners, dog park, patio restaurant work – whatever it is, we can help you get there!

*Standard E-Collar valued at $200 + sales tax. There is an additional cost for upgraded contact points or upgraded E-Collar systems. Upgrades are discussed in your first session based on your dog's needs.

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