Phase Line Leadership & Consulting

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Bootcamp Package

$200.00 initial setup plus $300.00 per month
The Bootcamp Package is designed for anyone interested in learning about leadership and how to appropriately apply it in the workplace and life. The package focuses on developing the basic leadership skills to understand and improve their communication and potential for future leadership positions in their organization.
The Basic Package includes:
- Two (2) 1-hour, one-on-one lessons with your coach, per month;
- Access to Foundational Modules lessons;
- One (1) verification session per quarter.

Basic Training Package

$200.00 initial setup plus $500.00 per month
The Basic Training Package is meant to help prepare employees that are ready to begin filling leadership roles in their organization. This package focuses on developing the foundational leadership skills necessary for success as a leader and addresses a few intermediate leadership styles and techniques.
The Intermediate Package includes:
- Three (3) 1-hour, one-on-one lessons per month. Every other month, one (1) additional lesson is included at no additional cost;
- Access to both Foundational and Framing Module lessons
- One (1) Verification sessions per quarter.

Advanced Training Package

per month
The Advanced Training Package is our flagship service and is designed to build upon the foundational leadership skills necessary for success, growth and efficiency. By incorporating real-world application methods and practical exercises, this package is designed to make managers more efficient and effective in the management and leadership of their teams.
The Professional Package includes:
- Four (4) 1-hour, one-on-one Lessons with your coach, per month
- Access to ALL Module Lessons: Foundational, Framing, and Finishing
- UNLIMITED Verification sessions.