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Coaching Payment Plans

My Money “Root Camp” Program

per month for 4 months ($600.00 total)
Meet with your Financial Wellness Coach (remotely or in person) for your 2-hour “Money Root Assessment”. Then, you'll book (4) additional monthly 2-hour sessions totaling 10 hours of 1:1 coaching hours. You will be charged immediately for $150, then (3) monthly drafts of $150 for a total of $600.

Because we believe there is a connection between the mind, behaviors and pocket(book), this program is for those who don’t want to worry about money or stress about bills. Marrying positive beliefs, emotions & daily money habits with financial literacy will allow you to live the life you want stress free!

What you get:
A full Financial Analysis that includes spending plan, short & long term savings, credit restoration, debt elimination, insurance protection & retirement supplement strategies. Your Financial Wellness Coach works with you to develop realistic strategies that reflect your current needs and future goals. The My Money “Root Camp” program is valued at $2,570!