Package 3 - Combined Counselling and Life Coaching

per month for 3 months (£825.00 total)
We will work together and resolve any emotional distress that you are experiencing. Your issues will be a thing of the past, where unwanted negative emotions will be removed. After our sessions in counselling, we will then work on your goals for the future using coaching techniques.

This package offers you completeness when combining counselling and coaching together. It provides greater direction in life, new experiences of overcoming obstacles that have held you back for some time. Leaving you feeling refocused and more energised.

This package is for 3 months at 50mins per week.

Package 2 - Combined Consultation, Diet and Nutrition

per month for 2 months (£400.00 total)
In your initial consultation, we will discuss your health goals, your family, medical health history, your current (and prior) diet as well as your symptoms and allergies. We will then complete a dietary plan, which will include weight and control management. This will be followed up with a review consultation.

Package 1 - Beauty and Skincare

per month for 2 months (£350.00 total)
Our Consultation, Beauty & Skincare Package can help you address and improve any issues with your skin type. We first assess your skin condition, while looking for ways of improvement. We build routines that create long-lasting glowing skin and treatments that result in healthy-looking skin.