Package 1 - Counselling, Beauty & Skincare Treatment

per month for 2 months (£500.00 total)
We offer this unique service of Counselling, Beauty & Skincare as it helps you address any underlying emotional distresses that you may have with your body image and skin. Through counselling, you will be able to target the core root of your issues and improve your condition by using the latest techniques of creating and growing long-lasting glowing skin.
We do this through extensive consultation, 3 sessions of counselling, product sourcing and a comprehensive treatment plan. As a bonus, we also add in a review consultation

This package is for 6 weeks

Package 2 - Combined Counselling, Nutrition & Coaching

per month for 2 months (£700.00 total)
Nutritional counseling can help treat mood imbalances and other mental health conditions. Such as, depression and anxiety. Alongside a healthy eating plan our services have seen amazing results! Nutrition deficit can be considered as a lack of certain dietary nutrients that ultimately contributes to certain mental health disorders. For example, overeating, depression and alcoholism. Psychological problems can also cause imbalances in the brain that may control our appetite and mood. Counselling, diet and nutrition or nutritional counselling can help with thought disorders in changes of diet.

I work with women who are struggling with their emotions, body image, weight loss and more. I use nutritional education and unique dietary plans with wellness therapy and motivational coaching. 

Our inclusive package comes with extensive consultation, 3 x counselling sessions, dietary plan, wellness exercises, weight control management and reviews consultation.

This package is for 6 weeks.

Package 3 - Combined Counselling and Life Coaching

every 4 weeks for 12 weeks (£825.00 total)
Our combined counselling and life coaching package offers you completeness and greater direction in life, new experiences of overcoming obstacles that have held you back for some time. Leaving you refocused with greater energy for the future..

We will work to resolve any emotional distress that you are experiencing through counselling. Where negative emotions will be be a problem of the past. We use combined therapies to give you holistic therapeutic treatment coupled with life coaching, regular check-in calls and email support.

This life experience transformation and change that will take place in your life adds bonus to this package with emergency calls or 'red light' calling.

Our programme of 12 weeks will help you be the best you can be through our combined package.

Package 4 - Pre-marital Counselling and Life Coaching

per month for 3 months (£975.00 total)
In our pre-marital counselling sessions across 12 weeks. There are a host of topics that we will cover (communication, finances, sex, parenting, etc.) that we think are important to consider before you get married. The areas of concern and points of struggle that you consider will preserve your relationship, and prepare you for marriage and not just your wedding day. We will help you build a solid foundation for your future together.