Coach Nicola

Run Strong Club

per month
Coach Nicola's Run Strong Club

A club for runners that will focus on all the things you know you should be doing but don’t!

The club will give you
• Weekly workouts to get you strong
• Recipes and nutrition advice to help your recovery
• Regular mobility sessions (and yes, that includes foam rolling!)
• Group challenges
• Monthly Q&A where I answer any burning questions you have


Diastasis Recti Recovery Programme - 3 month installments

per month for 3 months (£180.00 total)

Rel-Ease Book six for £48

Book six HCR Rel-Ease sessions for £48 (£8 per session)

Rel-Ease Book three for £27

Book three HCR Rel-Ease sessions for £27 (£9 per session)