Quantum Accelerator Mentorship

Quantum Accelerator 2-Month Mentorship

Consciously Create and Build Strong Foundations for your New Earth Realities as you Align Every Area of your Life with Fulfilling your Multi-Dimensional Soul's Purposes.

Learn to Reclaim your Power as your Higher Self Aspect(s), Vibrationally Align all through LOVE and live your most Magical Dream Realities while Fulfilling your Higher Dimensional Soul's Purposes here.

Let's partner together in an accelerated two-month Mentorship Container to support you with clearing old patterns/programs/limiting beliefs/childhood wounds, expanding your Heart Consciousness, raising your body's Vibrational Frequency, activating/unlocking/anchoring Light Codes, applying new awarenesses and embracing your Power as a Light BEing so you can Consciously shift your inner-to-outer realities and experiences to those of Pure Peace, Pure Love, Pure Light, Pure Joy and Pure Freedom.

Your Two-Month Mentorship Includes:

❤️ Three two-hour Personal Quantum Accelerator Sessions via Zoom Video.
❤️ Session recordings via custom links to download.
❤️ Personal on-going support via email for two months.
❤️ Multi-Dimensional Guidance across all areas of your life.​

Here's just a few of the many things we can do together:

💛 Clearing old patterns, programs, limiting beliefs, childhood wounds and emotions
​💛 Ancestral clearing, cord cutting and clearing old timelines/ancient existences
​💛 Rewriting new programs, new beliefs and new stories that are Soul-Aligned
💛 Deepening your Sacred Inner-Connection with your Higher Self/Soul
💛 Expanding your Heart Consciousness
💛 Raising your body's Vibrational Frequency
💛 Embracing your Power as a Light BEing
💛 Unlocking New Keys and Codes that can open up new portals of opportunities
💛 Applying New Awarenesses in every now moment
💛 Consciously shifting your inner-to-outer realities and experiences to those of Pure Peace, Pure Love, Pure Light, Pure Joy and Pure Freedom
💛 Stepping into your next level Service Roles/Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions

💜 For client sessions, please note that I am on HST, yet have a global clientele and will work with you to book your sessions on days/times that align for both of us. For overseas clients, know that this may be an evening or morning depending on our time zone difference.