Personal Coaching Package Pricing

GET STARTED NOW! 4-Session Coaching Package (Save $153)

Are you ready to discover who you are and what makes you tick? Tired of knowing there is more to life than what you're experiencing now and not sure what to do next?

Sometimes, you just have to jump in and get started on the journey to discover yourself and what God has purposed for you!

Save $153 when you purchase this package! This package will help you begin to discover your destiny and remove obstacles that limit your beliefs through encountering Jesus. You'll be prepared to successfully enter into your Kingdom purpose!

This 4-one hour Coaching Session Package is designed to help you jump-start your journey whether it's to discover yourself, how you're wired or God's destiny for you. Scheduling your appointments every 2 weeks, to really make progress on the journey to your destiny!

Included is an initial 75-minute first session to discuss and explore your goals and really get to know you.

YOU CAN DO IT! (Save $513) 6-Session Coaching Package

Together let's explore your dreams and experiences, your successes and failures, and uncover the obstacles keeping them out of your reach. If you're apathetic about your destiny, I'll help you dream again. If you believe you've failed, I'll help you see Heaven's perspective.

This package of 6 coaching sessions saves $283 and will catapult you into the journey to fulfill your destiny!

- The 75-minute first session to establish goals and get to know you ($270 value)
- 5–Targeted Coaching Sessions ($900 value)
- DISC/Myers-Briggs Personality assessments ($50 value)
- Targeted inner healing if or when needed.
- 2-15 minute telephone check-in calls ($90 value)
- Emails and texts between sessions (priceless)
- Sessions are online via Zoom Meeting. Recording optional
- 6-months to complete your journey

- only $ 797 ($1,310 Value)

As with every coaching package, It's best to schedule your appointments every 2 weeks. But, you can take a break anytime, if desired, and save your future appointments for up to 6 months after this purchase.

GET UNSTUCK! - Save $1,103 with My Most Requested 12-Session Package

Are you frustrated?
Can't seem to put your goals in motion?
Are your dreams just beyond your grasp?
Do you wonder how on earth you're going to fulfill the assignment God put on your heart?
Are you repeating the same patterns that keep you stuck?
Do you want to discover what's getting in the way of your progress?

My #1 most requested package will save you $1,103!

If you're ready to discover AND FULFILL your destiny, choose this package.  

* Initial 75-minute discovery and goal setting session ($270)
* Plus: 11 – 60-minute coaching sessions ($1,980)
* 2 20-minute assessment sessions to measure progress ($120 value)
* DISC/Myers Briggs Assessment ($50 value)
* Targeted Inner Healing if or when needed
* 4 -15-minute telephone check-in calls ($180 value)
* Emails and texts between sessions (priceless)
* 1- year to complete your journey

* $1,497 ($2,600 Value)