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Studio Membership

Monthly Studio Membership

per month
Giving you unlimited access to regular weekly classes each month here at Bodmin Yoga, this is a great deal.

And, I am looking to ad even more classes to the schedule, so things look set to only get better!

But, please read the small print: Class access is subject to availability and booked on a first come first served basis, plus regular booking conditions. There will be a £5 penalty for any class booked and not attended, as this would potentially prevent other paying students having a space on the mat. Workshops and special events are not included in membership. Classes must be booked in advance online, and are subject to regular booking conditions. NB Sunday Sessions are not included in Studio Memberships. They can be booked for the hugely reduced price of £5 though, should you wish to arrange this- just drop me a message :-) x

Monthly Studio Membership, The PLUS Community

per month
Just like regular membership, this package gives you access to as many regular weekly classes at the studio as you like (with the same conditions), but with this membership you will also get:

-a monthly one to one with me (worth £30),

- a PLUS members-only workshop also here at the studio, where I can suggest a theme tailored to your individual needs and practices, or you can request workshop content based on your interests.

- 10% discount on all other classes and special workshops and wellness events.

- Sunday Sessions at the discounted price of £5.

- if you plan to be away from home, or if you have to self isolate, I will send you links to my pre-recorded online practices to keep you topped up whilst you're away from the studio.

This fantastic package will allow you as a PLUS Community member to really connect with your practice, with other yogis, and to ask the all the questions you want.

Give a great big sign to yourself and The Universe that Yoga, and your own health and wellbeing, are where it's at!

Bumper Six Month PLUS Community Membership

This package will give you all the benefits of PLUS Community for six months, but at an even better price: unlimited regular weekly classes (across all studio teachers), Sunday Specials for just £5, a monthly one to one, plus a monthly members-only workshop, and 10% discount on all other special events. And because I'm feeling super grateful right now I will even throw in membership to Home Practice Club (worth £25/month). All for just over £80/month. Wow.

This package will really allow you to commit to your practice, over any challenges and changes which happen over your six months. Working closely with you, I will be able to give you the full benefit of my expertise and experience, and track developments in your practice and your needs over our six months together. I am really excited to hold space for you, wherever you find your practice at the moment.

This is for anyone who wants more yoga in their life-there are no entry requirements, so whether you're just learning basic poses or have been practicing for years I will be so happy to work with you. This is more about enabling you to deeply connect to yourself and your practice, and making a commitment to take the time that you need for yourself.

Purchase now for an immediate post-lockdown start date, or you can choose to start this package on a significant date, meaning this could make an ideal birthday gift membership.

N.B. In case of further lockdowns all benefits will be substituted for online zoom classes, or pre-recorded video content if you prefer. If you are away from the studio for illness or travel during your six months, you will be given access to online content.