Nutrition + Wellness Coaching

Team Bless Your Heart: A Wellness Coaching Program for Women (12 weeks)

per month for 3 months ($537.00 total)
"Bless Your Heart" is one of those classic Southern idioms that can either intend genuine sympathy or be a sly insult. We approach today's current wellness fads with a bit of this same compassionate snark and irreverence.

Without taking ourselves too seriously, this program helps women think, feel, speak, and act more honestly and compassionately towards themselves. It's about accountability for goals, dealing with obstacles, and honest coached feedback. Past program graduates have described themselves as feeling:

- Unstuck
- Momentum
- Greater self-kindness and acceptance
- Better self awareness and honesty
- Emotionally lighter and mobile

This is a wellness accountability and support group just for women that focuses on the nutritional and emotional challenges that you face specifically. Each month we will dive into a particular topic designed to help you improve how you eat, think, feel, and perform. This program is about the process. It does not focus on numbers on a scale. Our group focuses on getting away from weakness thinking to locate individual strengths and building out from them.

If you are looking for coached feedback and guided support in an amazing group of women, welcome home. This is an 12-week group intended to keep you honest about ourselves and your choices through the holidays and into 2021.

What you can expect:

- We have regular daily check ins and useful exchange of ideas in a private online group (ie Facebook group or alternative).
- A personalized nutrition guide.
- A weekly 75- to 90-minute video meetup. Our group meets live on Zoom Thursdays (11/19/20-02/25/21) @ 4pm PST (holidays excluded).

Limited to 15

Customized Nutrition Plan (One-time)

This is a one-time nutrition plan that is designed specifically for your goals, your needs, and your body. This plan is designed to help you make the changes you want. It is a comprehensive, personalized plan that includes:

- An Initial In-Person or Virtual Wellness Session
- Daily Calorie Needs
- Macronutrient Breakdown
- Replaces Calorie Counting with an Intuitive Approach to Meal Tracking
- Works With Your Dietary Preferences

The personalized Precision Nutrition is the first big step in helping you change your body. It replaces rigorous tracking and stressful guesswork with an easy-to-follow program that is unique to each individual.

If you are seeking more accountability and ongoing coaching, try a monthly subscription program.

6-Month Locomotiv Precision Nutrition Coaching Program (Monthly Autopay)

per month for 6 months ($1,080.00 total)
Do you want to transform the patterns, behaviors, habits, and foods that have kept you from changing your body? Do you work well with having a partner in accountability? Changing the body starts in the kitchen and persists with creating sustainable habits.

The Precision Nutrition program is a step-by-step, deliberate, sustainable, personalized approach to changing bodies. It works within your goals to lose fat and build muscle to create a lean body.


- Personalized Nutrition Plan
- Introductory Body Composition scan (for San Luis Obispo county clients)
- A weekly 30- to 40-minute private coaching session. These are powerful sessions that may combine movement, accountability check ins, and conversation all directed towards moving you towards your wellness goals.