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Summer Tutoring Packages

Summer Success Grades K - 8

Splurge now and springboard into the fall school year! Take the dive! Get set...get ready... and GO! This package is good for 8 Tutoring Hours! Buy now and get your child up to speed before the new school year! At Blueberry House, our tutoring packages are as sweet as the summer berries that grow in our yard! Choose this one and you won't regret it.


Purchased packages will not be refunded.

Summer Splash K-8

It's The Summer Splash at Blueberry House Tutoring! Your child’s success is our number one goal.
Buy 14 lessons and take advantage of a FREE TUTORING HOUR on us! You can't go wrong! This package is good for 15 Tutoring sessions! THE TOP PICK! MAKE A SPLASH...BUY NOW!

Summer Breeze K-8

Tempting and juicy! This package consists of 10 thirty-minute lessons filled with Blueberry goodness! This is a good choice for the younger child who struggles with sustained attention and focus. Your child will receive the very best in tutoring help. Teachers and parents are amazed at our results! You can't go wrong by purchasing this package and scheduling your lessons now.

Summer Pickin's K-8

Blueberry tutors ensure that you do not get in a jam this summer! This package consists of 4 hours of lessons and is a good choice for the student who would like to tutor for just one hour a week. This package is not recommended for children who are working below grade level. It is better suited for those who want to stay on top of learning to avoid the dreaded "summer learning loss"

Siblings Learn Too K-8

20% Off of this sibling package. All berries need a chance to grow, so here we are with this fresh package filled with love and learning for the sibling of enrolled students. This package is good for 8 tutoring lessons!

NOTE: You must have a child already enrolled at Blueberry House to purchase this package.

Jammin' It Up Grades K-8

The Blueberries are ripe and this package is waiting to be picked. It is only good for students in grades K- 8, scheduling ONE AND A HALF MINUTE SESSIONS at a time. If that is what you're after, then grab this package now and head on over to the calendar to weigh those berries! It's worth six sessions!

Summer Cruise HS

Cruise into fall with this tutoring package! Are you wanting a jump on the new school year? This is the package for you! It's worth four hours of tutoring to give you a quick boost in the subjects you need help with the most.

Ride The Waves High School Package

Tutors to the rescue! This package includes six one-hour lessons or four 90 minute lessons. This is good for the high school student who fell off the surfboard during the school year and now finds he is drowning in school work. Purchase this package and go straight to scheduling. Happy Summer!

Blueberry Pickin's for the H.S. Student 90 Minute Sessions

$50 Dollars Savings!
Best of the Crop! Worth 10 hours of Tutoring! This package is only for those High School students who want 90-minute tutoring sessions. This package is a savings of $50 OFF of the ongoing hourly rate for 10 hours. Buy Now for Fall Success!