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Packaged for Success

A+ Ongoing Success K-8

A berry, berry, good way to go! This package is as sweet as Blueberry Pie! With this, you can book twenty-five 55-minute lessons. Let's get your child set for the future! Learning is fun at Blueberry House! This package takes the headache out of trying to remember to book your child's lessons every month. No expiration date!

Ultimate Tutoring High School

This package is worth 10 one-hour lessons. You may schedule this any way that you prefer: consecutive days, skipping a day in between, one lesson a week, three lessons a week, etc. This package does not expire.

Get In the Groove

Let us help your high schooler raise grades and comprehension with this success package worth eight 55 minute lessons! Our amazing results come in part, by working closely with your teenager's teachers, which in turn enables us to target the tutoring to the exact papers and assignments that are past due or ones that are coming up.

Getting Down to Business K8

This package is brought to you fresh from the blueberry fields! It's good for 12 fifty-five minute lessons. If you would like three hours a week of tutoring this is a good package for you. You may also use this package to purchase eight 1.5-hour lessons if you'd like. These lessons do not expire.

Homework Help for High School

Are you stuck and need a bit of help? This package is for you. With four 55 minute lessons, our tutors will help you over the hurdle. There is no better way to raise grades and understanding than to hire our tutors!

Learn and Grow K - 8

This package is full of eight 55 minute lessons filled with Blueberry goodness! It does not have an expiration date so you may purchase this and schedule anytime! Your child will receive the very best in tutoring help. Teachers and parents are amazed at our results! You can't go wrong by purchasing this package and scheduling your lessons now!

Learn and Grow K-8 Siblings

20% OFF. This package can only be purchased if a sibling is already tutoring with us. Grab this one for eight 55 minute lessons.

Tutoring Jump Start K-8

Four dynamic 55-minute lessons that will jump-start your child's learning and understanding of key concepts. Good for any subject! This package has no expiration date. There's nothing like the fresh sweetness of blueberries! Use this at any time. These berry wonderful lessons are just waiting for you.

We're On a Roll HS

Do you need longer lessons to catch up or for help with projects? This package is good for four 85 minute lessons! It does not expire.