Shardai Moon

Monthly Maintenance Plan

Monthly Maintenance ~Healing

per month
Automate one session a month at a discounted rate from drop-ins.
Stay on track and in balance.
*limited number of appointments can be rolled-over. Must give 15 days notice before cancelling your membership

Monthly Mentoring

per month
1 Monthly session of personalized support, tailored to you and what is needed to keep you on track with your soul's highest purpose.
Mentoring work, with some healing work as needed.

PMT Apprenticeship

PMT Apprenticeship ~12 Pay

per month for 12 months ($1,800.00 total)
Monthly payment plan for our year-long apprenticeship. After your $250 deposit.

PMT Apprenticeship ~Pay in Full

Pay in full for our year-long apprenticeship. Less your $250 deposit.

PMT Apprenticeship ~Drop In

Drop in payment for a single weekend of our apprenticeship. *Weekends must be completed in order.* Includes your $150 nonrefundable deposit.

5 Session Healing Package ~ADD ON

Receive 5 Private Sessions to support you on whatever comes up during your apprenticeship journey.
May be offered virtually or in person, pending onsite availability.

Session Packages

Rose Priestess Package

*Pre-requisite is Sophia rising package*
Deepen your exploration of the embodied Sophia, through the 3 wombs of creation within your body.
Reconnect to your sacred path of service as Priestess.

Sophia Rising

Shardai's signature offering. This is a shortened version of her 1:1 program. (available online or in person | 3, 75 min sessions)

Over 3 sessions, you will work to heal the mother-wound, and come back home to a sense of safety, belonging, and acceptance here on earth as a sensitive star-being.

Reconnect to Divine Sophia, Gaia Sophia, and your inner embodied Sophia.