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C. Enroll in The Aspiring Speakers (ASP) Coaching Program

ASP Level One

Overcome your fears and exchange nervousness for connection, engagement, and confidence. You can be the best speaker in the room.

In less than 10-sessions, we'll get clear on your speaking goals, help you develop your best story, find your voice, and guide you through the process of becoming the speaker you want to be. The one who's capable of educating, entertaining, inspiring, and motivating your audience in a way that will separate you from the dull and monotonous speakers in your field. The ones who are often imitating others and sharing the same old stories which bore the audience to sleep.

If you're ready to nail your presentation, overcome your fears, take the stage with confidence, deliver a well-constructed presentation and, be seen as an authority, click add to cart, and let's get started.

Aspiring Speakers Coaching 1.0 (Full) is our #1 presentations coaching program for busy professionals, executives, and aspiring speakers who enjoy one-on-one live coaching with instant feedback, multiple opportunities to stop, practice, rehearse, start over again, and make it better each time, with the assistance and help of a live powerhouse professional coach. If you like instant results, creative feedback, and winning ideas, Aspiring Speaker Coaching 1.0 (Full) is for you.

You will receive one-on-one coaching, full questions-and answer sessions, direction, and instruction from your certified Powerhouse Presentations Coach.

You will receive...,

□ A complimentary copy of 11 Steps to Powerful Presentations and Public Speaking, by Ernie Davis aka The People's Coach. 11 Steps to Powerful Presentations will serve as your guidebook for completing the program and developing your presentations.

□ Ten professional in-person evaluations with written summaries delivered to your inbox for future review and consideration, as you work to improve your presentation and master the techniques discussed throughout the program.

□ Two opportunities to record yourself giving your presentation in front of a live audience. And multiple opportunities to sit down and strategically review, discuss, and improve those performances one-on-one with your coach.

□ The encouragement and support you need to grow, develop your style, and employ new techniques, and amaze your audience as you work to complete our Session Ten Capstone project.

Our top performers may receive a bonus session to perfect their presentation and an invite to compete for the Sapato Speaking Award where they will be professionally recorded live on stage before a paying audience in Tampa, FL, USA.

If you're ready, click add to cart, and let's get started.

All participants must pass a one-on-one coaching interview to ensure we have the right coaches to fit your need.


ASP Level Two (By Invitation Only)

If you're already a paid speaker, or if you have completed the 1.0 Aspiring Speakers Coaching Program, Full or Lite, and you're ready to get paid or utilize what you've learned to get money and move your audience to action, The Aspiring Speaker Coaching program 2.0 is for you. This is how you continue your journey and take your professional speaking to the next level.

From behind the scenes, we will work to help you get your presentations to the 3 to $5,000.00 level. Our goal is to help you land your first $10,000.00 event. Whether it's a one-hour, multi-hour, or multi-day event, we are there behind the scenes to help you fine-tune your presentation, ask the right questions, consider the psychology of your audience, and game plan your execution to the point of professional perfection.

Our goal is to help you attract more paid engagements by helping you be exceptional, strategic, and well trained.

When they see you in action, they'll gladly pay your fee to hear your presentation or have you deliver at their next event. You can be a six-figure speaker, but it requires strategy, marketing, and authenticity.

We will help the authenticity of your voice and story carry over to your presentations and marketing. We will teach you to strategically alter your presentations, word choice, and messaging to produce the psychological results you desire.

You'll receive...,

□ A designated coaching team; at least 2 coaches to help you plan, prepare, and rehearse your presentation over the next 6 to 12 months.

□ Agreed-upon metrics to determine your impact and effectiveness.

□ When possible, a member of your coaching staff will attend your events as official team members. While there, we'll sit in the back and evaluate your performance and the reactions and actions of your audience.

□ When attendance is not possible for the coaching team, we will dissect your video footage and performances to provide ideas, tips, and techniques, to help you hit your target and improve your effectiveness.

We will serve as your official sounding board behind the scenes.

If you’re ready, click add to cart, and let’s begin.

All participants must pass a one-on-one coaching interview to ensure we have the right coaches to fit your need.

Please forward all inquiries to success@powerhousemotivations.com


D. Enroll in The Think & Grow Rich (TAGR) Coaching Program

TAGR Year One (Interview Required)

The educationally based life leadership and success coaching program for aspiring entrepreneurs, independent business owners, and freedom seekers.

Because, you can be, do, and achieve anything you put your mind to. You can make your life whatever you desire. You can be a man of your own creating, or you can be a man who settles for less and allows others to control his every thought, move, and emotion. You can live a mundane existence and die broke. Or you can discover yourself and learn to influence, direct, and manipulate your potential to get everything you want, deserve and desire while being true to yourself, family, community, nation, society, and God.

Unfortunately, most men will never do it. They will never step into their greatness. They have been lied to and deceived by society. They have been led to believe that they are other than who they are. They are spiritual beings and masters of their own creation with the ability to achieve financial freedom and independence. You have that ability. You have a business idea or yearning that you want help with. You just didn't know that coaching was an option. You didn't know that you can work one-on-one with a certified life coach, mentor, and advisor who can help you create the reality you want predictably.

You didn't know that you can invest in yourself and make the rest of your life the best of your life without the fear of being embarrassed or humiliated, but you can. You can be, do, and achieve anything you put your mind to. And this is the program to help you do it.

In This Coaching Program You’ll Discover:

• How to get everything you want in life without violating your conscious
• Who you are as a spiritual being and why you feel a certain way about your desire
• Why you believe you’ve been called to do something greater
• How to implement the Universal Laws and goals attainment for financial freedom
• How men no smarter than you have achieved millionaire status, health, happiness
• How to bring it all together and make it work for you, plus more

You Will Receive:

• Coaching and mentoring from a certified Powerhouse Master Coach or Practitioner
• A phenomenal introduction to the Powerhouse Method of Coaching for Men
• Confidence in knowing you can improve your life and attain success and longevity
• The skill and certainty of becoming a self-made man, father, husband, entrepreneur
• The one-on-one mental clarity you will need to make your idea a reality
• A certified certificate of completion to document your growth

Coaching Outline:

24 One-on-one Sessions
60 – 90 minutes each

Sessions Available: Days, Nights, & Weekends. Online and/or in-person.



TAGR Year Two - (The next 24)

Let's get started! No formalities needed - you know me, I know you, and the clock is ticking. We now have an additional twelve months to take everything we started in year one to the next level. It's time to manifest your vision and enjoy the next and most critical phase of the journey.

This is the year where old habits reappear. They want to knock you off course and cause you to revert-back to your previous conditions. They have a way of making you think and feel you've grown to the point of being able to accept and handle them and even integrate them into your new routine.

This is a mistake that's easy to make.

So this year it's more strategic, more direct, more intentional, and more focused on the obstacles and other people who are delaying your vision.

The foundation is laid. Now we build the temple.

This year you will learn and begin using enhanced techniques to get other people, teams, and organizations to bend to your will and give you what you want. This year is especially-valuable for the spiritual freedom-seekers who understand there is more to build, learn, and master. It's for those who know the universe has caused them to exist and grow for a different reason. It's for those who are ready to levitate and experience a-different existence of eternal peace, prosperity, and influence.

You will learn to use the tools of Soloman to work your magic on the physical plane. This is the year you become the master-builder of your life and reality. This is the year your structure is built.

Click above, add to cart, and let's get started.