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Business Improvement 6 month program

Business Improvement - 6 month program

per month for 6 months (A$4,950.00 total)

This program is about business improvement. You want to improve your business, or maybe even radically change direction. You know things can be better and you want to work ON your business at a solid pace. Over six months we'll work on your business strategy, planning, and financial forecasting. Side by side. I'll be teaching you about business strategy and finances while helping you to create a plan to take your business to the next level, whatever that looks like for you. This program is suitable for solo and small business owners at least two years into their businesses who want to grow their impact and profitability.

Month 1: Business Dive (2 hours) - We kick off with a two-hour session where we explore your business strategy using the Business Model Canvas. Output: A Business Model Canvas which explains how your business fits together, and a list of Action Items to work on for the next month.

Month 2: Value Proposition Dive (2 hours): We talk through our previous session and the action items you were going to work on and consider. Then we deep dive into what makes your customers tick, and how you can develop products and services (and prices) to give them the value they're looking for. Output: A Value Proposition Canvas detailing your future products, services, and prices.

Month 3: Financial Forecast (2 hours) - We start working on a financial forecast to take you through the next three years. Output: A financial forecast for you to keep working on in between our sessions, as well as a set of action items to work on and consider.

Month 4: Financial Forecast Review (2 hours) - We refine and complete your financial forecast and we add it to your Xero file. Output: A financial forecast to start working towards for the next three years of your business, as well as a set of action items to work on and consider.

Month 5: Profit Coaching (2 hours) - I'll update your financial forecast and present you with your first financial report and commentary. I'll show you how to update the tool yourself, and we'll talk through the action items from the previous session as well as the challenges and wins from this month. Output: A finance report, training to update the tool yourself, and a set of action items to work on and consider.

Month 6: Profit Coaching (2 hours) - We'll review your business strategy and finances and see how you're tracking towards your goals. I'll hand you the reins of your financial reporting so can monitor your financial results going forward and you'll get clear about what your actions for the next six months are. Output: You're now in control of your financial forecast and you'll receive a set of action items to take you through the next six months of your business.

Month 7: We'll review how we're working together you can decide how much support you'd like from me going forward.