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Quit Smoking/Quit Vaping (Living Smoke Free!/Living Vape Free!) - 4 Week Immersion Course - Begins 10/04 - Ends 10/29

Quit Smoking/Quit Vaping (Living Smoke Free!/Living Vape Free!) - Immersion Course
4 Weeks - Begins 10/04 - Ends 10/29 (Flexible scheduling)

4 Private Coaching Appts
12 Course Sessions (Mon,Wed,Fri)
+ 3 Audio Programs + 1 Video Program

The Ultimate tool to kick-the-habit. This personalized program helps you get ready to quit, makes you want to quit, supports and encourages you every step through the quit, and then teaches you how to make sure you remain quit. Sounds too good to be true? It's not.

This IMMERSION COURSE is designed as an alternative to in-patient treatment. Immersion Courses provide the support to make important life changes from the comfort of your home, without disrupting your work or income. Flexible scheduling for all weekday Sessions, exercises and coaching appointments. No weekend commitment.

Investment: $445

420 FRIENDLY - This program has a 420-Friendly version that is specifically designed and created for MMJ users. No need to do anything special at this time. After purchase, you will be given the 420 option discreetly at your first coaching appointment, prior to beginning your Course.