Mind Calm

75 Minutes Relaxation Massage

per month
Massage way to a healthier and happier life.

This session provides 75 Minutes Remedial Massage to treat muscular tension, tightness or stress.

You will emerge feeling lighter and relaxed.

90 Minutes Lomi Lomi Massage

Discover the healing touch of Hawaii with a transformational lomi lomi massage designed to reconnect mind, body and spirit

Two Sessions of Deeper Healing Massage: Combo of Lomi Healing and Therapeutic Massage (Invite-only transformative session)

per month
Massage your way to a better happier life.

There aren't many things in life we can count on to help us feel better almost immediately but massage is one of them.

However this is no ordinary massage, hence why you will not see this particular service advertised on the general public calendar. The base of this massage is the flowing art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, an ancient healing technique, centuries old with the power to transform mind, body and spirit. This session is for someone who is serious about experiencing tremendous positive changes in every area of their life, from emotional release to physical restoration to a deeper self enlightenment, to prosperity to improved relationships.
Kinesiology and Intuitive healing is used throughout the massage, muscle testing and balancing various systems and techniques to ensure organs and meridians are cleared, chakras are balanced and all physical and emotional blockages are removed. This in turn relieves all sorts of aches, pains, past trauma and illness.

As the facilitator to your healing, my goal is to open your eyes to something else, something new and something so unbelievably profound that you emerge on a higher vibration and with a greater understanding of the power and life force within you.
Here no dream is too big, no problem too complicated or too trivial, it really is about breaking all boundaries that have been stopping you from reaching your goals and dreams, getting strong wings to enable you to conquer anything you set your mind to achieve.

This is no ordinary massage. It is an integrated service, where knowledge, treatments and skills are integrated to assist you with the tools and education to take back full control and outperforming your contemporaries. Consider it a secret weapon to winning and unravelling the very best of version of yourself.

Get your wings and prepare to fly!

This package is by invite-only and it includes 2 sessions monthly offered at a special loyalty rate. The regular price when purchased individually without the invite-only rate is ₤320.

Women's Exclusive Massage Wellness 50% OFF Deal

per month
This invite-only discount program provides you 60 Minutes rejuvenating massage at an exclusive 35% OFF every single month. Also includes access to online meditation resources.