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Dietitian Consultation

This online visit is for women who need nutrition advice related to breastfeeding, infant food allergies, weight loss, meal planning, constipation, food cravings, and morning sickness.

Doula Consultation

This 45 minute a la carte visit is for women who need advice on birth expectations and preferences, to identify education needs prior to birth, and/or to create your postpartum care plan. This visit is individualized and exact care provided will vary for each client.

Lactation Consultation

During this initial online visit, clients will receive one on one time with one of our experienced lactation consultants to discuss any issues related to milk production and/or breastfeeding.

Physical Therapy Consultation

During this visit, your Physical Therapist will obtain a thorough patient history, provide lots of education, and establish a plan! You will receive a “re-cap” email shortly afterward containing a review of the topics discussed and a detailed home exercise plan (if applicable). We will develop a custom plan of care, which may include follow up visits or a referral to PREP, our online pelvic rehab exercise program.