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b) Massage packages

3 x Scar therapy package

3 x 60-minute scar therapy sessions (saving £5 per session)

6 x Scar therapy package

6 x 60-minute scar therapy sessions (saving £10 per session)

3 x Tummy Gap package

3 x 60-minute Diastasis therapy sessions (saving £5 per session)

6 x Tummy gap package (Saving £10 per session)

6 x 60-minute Diastasis Recti therapy sessions

Massage Club- 1 x 60 minute massage per month

every 4 weeks
Massage club. 1 x massage, every 4 week {£45 per month). All massage are performed by specialist women's health soft tissue therapists:
Choose from:
Pregnancy Massage
Physiotherapy/Sports Massage
Women's Wellness massage
Scar therapy/massage (after initial scar therapy assessment)

Saving up-to £20 per massage.

6 x massage package

6 x 60-minute massages block booking.
Choose from
Pregnancy massage
Post-natal massage
Sports massage
Women's wellness massage

6 x Reflexology Package (One free session)

5x 60-minute Reflexology sessions - 6th session free
(Choose from Pregnancy Reflexology and Reflexology)