House of Kellen

Miracle Club Fall 2023

per month for 3 months ($1,332.00 total)
This group was amazing the first time and I am stocked to restart this weekly meet-up for ThetaHealing Practitioners.

It is part digging practice, breathwork, movement, business coaching, and magic.

This is a once a week, 3 hour commitment for Thetahealing who are serious about developing their craft and growing their healing business. (you also get discounted access to 6 bonus workshops in 2024)

We have created some real miracles by coming together in this container to support each other and amplify the amount of magic available to all members.

Dates Oct 2-Jan 1 (nearly every Tuesday)

Monthly Ongoing Packages

Bi Monthly Session (2 x's a month for 6 months)

per month for 6 months ($2,424.00 total)

Weekly Sessions (4 x a month for 4 months)

per month for 4 months ($3,232.00 total)
You receive a code for 4 sessions each month. Unused sessions roll over and never expire.

The Gift options

Give a half hour session to a friend

Also good for pet sessions!
30 minutes of tarot, runes, or ThetaHealing

Or use towards a longer session. :)

Gift a session to a friend

Good for one hour reading or one hour of ThetaHealing or a litle bit of both.

Use Anytime Packages

5 Readings Package (30 minutes each)

Just want a few psychic readings?
This package includes 5 half hour reading.
You can choose cards, runes, or energy readings - it usually ends up being a mix!

5 Session ThetaHealing Package (60 min each)


5 pack of 90 minute ThetaHealing sessions (90 minutes each)

By request! If you want extra time on all your session for extra readings, or to work thorough advice and meditation suggestions or anything else you may want to add on.

7 ThetaHealing Sessions (60 min each)

Buy once and use at your leisure.

11 ThetaHealing Sessions (60 minutes each)

Good for 11 ThetaHealing sessions to be used at your pace.