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Master Class-Surviving Spiritual Awakenings & Transformations

The Surviving Spiritual Awakenings & Transformations Master Class is an in-depth, 50 minute class, on the topic of the changes that accompany spiritual shifts in your life. A spiritual awakening or transformation involves a change in your entire ‘meaning’ system which can bring about great joy, and also great distress. At each stage of the process, you will often experience more beauty in nature and feel more of a sense of oneness. Other symptoms may show up including unexplained physical pain, feeling as if your life is falling apart, the desire to isolate and changes in relationships and sleep patterns. In this video, we will talk about what can trigger these transformations and how to effectively navigate each stage. We will deep dive into the purification and healing phases involved and the joy of tapping into our pre-conditioned inner child during these times. Tools to help you not only survive, but to step into the power of these awakenings and transformations, are discussed.

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