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Reproductive Programs

Wanna Get Cookin': Preparing for Pregnancy/Fertility Boost Package

$ CAD99.99
$ CAD100.00 initial setup plus $ CAD99.99 per month for 3 months ($ CAD399.97 total)
Are you almost ready to begin your adventures into parenthood? This package is designed for aspiring moms (dads should participate too). Nurture your “nest” so it is ready to grow a baby. This package will provide you with analysis of your current nutrition intake, healthy food additions, tools & strategies to help get your body & mind ready for a healthy pregnancy plus recommendations of nutrients that are vital to a successful pregnancy and so much more.

What You Get:

4 appointments (1x90 minutes & 3x60 minutes)
You will have one visit each month for 4 consecutive months
4 email follow-ups to use during that time (a great way to address any questions that come up during the process)

What to expect?

Each client will have unique needs when it comes to preparing for conception, however, a typical package will include the following:

Nutritional analysis and health history of the mom-to-be (dad can be added too for an additional fee)

Dietary suggestions and a list of the most important nutrients to focus on during the preconception stage

Review what you should be avoided during this important time

Lifestyle enrichment tools that promote well-being and health

Discussion of your fertility cycle and ways to identify your peak fertile days

Discussion of emotional factors involved in preparing for pregnancy and tools you can use to get ready for this unbelievable journey you are looking to embark upon!

We will also have the opportunity to address any specific concerns that you may have

Bun In the Oven: Pregnancy Package

$ CAD99.99
$ CAD100.00 initial setup plus $ CAD99.99 per month for 3 months ($ CAD399.97 total)
If you are visibly pregnant, you’ve probably already been told by some friendly stranger that “the most important thing is a healthy baby.” It is absolutely true! When we are expecting, it is our instinct to want to nurture and protect that “tiny cargo” inside of us. One of the best ways to protect our baby is by providing it with all that he or she needs nutritionally so they may develop into the strong, vibrant person they were meant to be.

What you eat during your pregnancy can have a profound impact on the health of your growing child. Research has shown that a pregnant mother’s diet will influence her child’s intelligence, weight, long-term health and much more. While there are a huge number of variables the can affect your pregnancy, diet is one of the most important and easily controlled aspects to consider. Although there can never be a guarantee when it comes to this subject, the more you do to ensure an optimal diet during this crucial time, the more resilient your little bundle of joy will be throughout their life. As an added bonus, you will likely feel more energized and healthier during your pregnancy and will be far less likely to experience negative symptoms such as postpartum depression and excess weight-gain.

Ideally, healthy eating should begin before pregnancy but it is never too late to make improvements! Beginning this program as early in the pregnancy as possible allows for more time to feed both you and your baby food that contributes to health!

A typical Bun In The Oven Package will cover the following:

A discussion on the specifics of your pregnancy thus far

An appropriate nutrition plan to grow your beautiful little baby AND take care of yourself

A review of your health history and a close look at your current diet and any supplements you may be taking

The baby’s stages of development

Any symptoms and craving you are currently experiencing and what they might mean

A discussion on what should be avoided during pregnancy

Ongoing evaluation of your energy, emotions and how you feel physically

How to optimize your diet and lifestyle, according to your evolving needs

Tips for dealing with common pregnancy complaints such as; sleeplessness, aches and swollen hands & feet

Your changing needs during the last few weeks of pregnancy

Strategies and planning tips for your best birth experience

Nutrition options for you during the different stages of labour and delivery and immediately post-delivery

What You Get:

4 appointments (1x90 minutes and then 3x60 minutes spaced out during your remaining weeks of pregnancy)

4 follow-up emails for ongoing support

4 recipe conversions (give me your favourite recipe and I’ll provide a “healthed-up” variation)

Bonuses: written material including; suggested foods, mentally preparing for parenthood, preparing your non-toxic nursery and a favourite products list PLUS meal-prep recipes that you can prepare prior to birth

Now What? Postpartum & Breastfeeding Package

$ CAD99.99
$ CAD100.00 initial setup plus $ CAD99.99 per month for 3 months ($ CAD399.97 total)
During the first few months after you give birth, you will experience some pretty heavy-duty changes in your life. Not only are you physically and emotionally recovering from pregnancy and childbirth, but you now have a new person to care for 24/7. Babies don’t come with instruction books and each one is different. Depending on how taxing your baby-growing days were, you likely need some quality rest & recuperation. For those that are breastfeeding, your needs are even greater since baby is counting on you for his or her nutritional needs.

No matter your state, you will definitely feel a roller-coaster of highs and lows during this time. Some moments will bring challenges you could have never previously conceived, while others will show you joy you didn’t know was possible! No matter what your circumstances are, a team of people giving you the support you need is indispensable!!!! A postpartum package will help you successfully transition into your new state of “normal”.

While baby showers, decorating the nursery and picking out cute baby clothes are fun ways to prepare for baby, getting your mind and body ready for this new adventure will make adapting to being a parent remarkably easier.

What you get:

Four appointments (1x90 minute and 3x60 minutes) where we will discuss a wide variety of topics including;

At Appointment 1 (ideally before baby arrives) we will cover:

your birth plan, your breast and/or bottle-feeding plans, expectations for the first few weeks after birth etc.

nutritious, easy meal-prep and pantry stocking ideas (a lifesaver at the beginning of parenthood).

At Appointments 2 - 4 (after baby is born) The focus of each appointment will depend on your unique needs. Topics usually covered include;

a realistic eating plan that helps support your recovery and baby’s nursing requirements (if applicable).

a self-care plan

resuming exercise

returning to work



sleeping strategies etc.

long-term nutrition & health goals

finding balance in your new life

any other specific challenges you are experiencing


Four follow-up emails for on-going support

Written materials including an easy postpartum nutrition guide, nourishing recipes that are quick & simple, tips & tricks from real moms, important resources and more!

Sublime Mama: Post-Pregnancy Restorative Package

$ CAD99.99
$ CAD100.00 initial setup plus $ CAD99.99 per month for 3 months ($ CAD399.97 total)
Throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding your body doesn’t only belong to you. Everything you do during this time has an impact on your baby too. This is a special and beautiful gift that creates an unequaled bond…BUT…there comes a time when you want ownership of your body back! Getting back to your physical pre-pregnancy self isn’t always straightforward though. After having a baby, you are a different person. You need to find a new version of YOU. Self-care, including nutrition and fitness, can be harder than ever before. If you need some guidance on how to find balance between self-care and everything else, this package is made for you!

What you get:

Four appointments (1x 90 minutes and 3x 60 minutes) including;

A discussion of your current state, your health history (including pregnancy and childbirth details) and your personal wellness goals

An analysis of your current nutrition intake and appropriate recommendations to optimize your energy, fuel workouts and help you meet your health goals

Self-care, nutrition and fitness tips and suggestions that take the reality of parenthood into consideration

A personalized plan that is geared at your unique set of needs, circumstances and desired outcome.


One extra follow-up appointment for help with accountability and troubleshooting

Three follow-up emails

One 7-day meal plan customized to your needs

Weight Loss Packages

Total Body Recomposition Package

$ CAD100.00
$ CAD500.00 initial setup plus $ CAD100.00 per month for 10 months ($ CAD1500.00 total)
This package is for those that are serious about taking control of their wellness and taking action with a dietary and lifestyle plan designed to improve health and cut excess weight. This is for people that want to both look AND feel like new!

Warning!!!! This is not for the faint of heart! This package is made for people that want to see serious and lasting change. With this package, you will work with me long-term to redesign your health habits. Together, we will create a sustainable plan that allows you to incorporate nourishing foods, body movement and lifestyle techniques that are all customized to help you optimize your wellbeing. This program is based on habit-forming methods.

What you get:

1 x90 minute introductory appointment where we will review your complete health history, health goals lifestyle and more.
11 x60 minute follow-up appointments (1 per month) where we will assess your progress and build upon your successes.
A written summary of each appointment sent to your inbox including details of the appointment and next steps.
A detailed list of dietary suggestions, lifestyle recommendations and more.
unlimited email follow-ups. This is your chance to address questions or concerns that come up along your journey.
1 14-day meal plan customized to your eating plan, personal goals and dietary preferences.

Weight-loss Membership Plan

$ CAD100.00
$ CAD150.00 initial setup plus $ CAD100.00 per month
This exclusive membership gives you the ongoing tools and support you need to meet and maintain your weight loss goals. Included in this membership, you will get; ongoing 1-on-1 support from a holistic nutritionist, customized meal plans (including recipes and shopping lists), appointments every second week (online, in-person or via phone), proven and effective weight loss and maintenance strategies, a complete health history assessment, appointment summaries delivered to your inbox, unlimited email support and more.

Wellness Packages

Wellness Foundations

$ CAD87.50
$ CAD50.00 initial setup plus $ CAD87.50 per month for 2 months ($ CAD225.00 total)
If you don’t know where to begin, this is a fantastic starting point! This package will provide you with a strong foundation of health practices that protect, promote and enrich well-being. You will learn the fundamentals to health including nutrition, hydration, and lifestyle enhancements.

You Get:

One introductory appointment approximately 1.5 hours long (In-Person, Online or by Phone)

One follow-up appointment approximately 30 minutes long

Review of health history and personal goals

Fundamental lifestyle, supplement and nutrition information

A written summary of each appointment delivered to your inbox

The 2 & 4 Package

$ CAD112.50
$ CAD50.00 initial setup plus $ CAD112.50 per month for 2 months ($ CAD275.00 total)
This package is well suited for someone that already has a good grasp of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition but wants some personalized advice based on their unique needs. This package is most helpful for individuals that already have a strong sense of motivation and direction yet require a clear plan when it comes to realizing their objectives.

What You Get:

2 Appointments (1x Initial Appointment for 90 minutes and 1x Follow Up Appointment for 60 minutes)

In-depth assessment of your personal health history, eating patterns, personal goals and lifestyle

Dietary, supplement and lifestyle modifications and recommendations

Personalized action-plan

4 Follow-Up Emails (your opportunity to address questions, get clarification, adjust goals, track progress or reignite your motivation)

Progress review & accountability

A written summary of each appointment delivered to your inbox

4 & 4 Package

$ CAD99.99
$ CAD100.00 initial setup plus $ CAD99.99 per month for 3 months ($ CAD399.97 total)
The most popular wellness package! People looking to make a fresh start, that want to feel better, more energetic and/or are seeking to improve their body composition often find great success with this package. This package is great for setting and achieving your personal wellness goals.

You Get:

4 Appointments (1x Introductory Appointment for 90 minutes and 3x Follow Up Appointments at 60 minutes each)

An in-depth review of your personal health history, current state of wellness, eating patterns, personal goals and lifestyle.

Customized dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations

A personalized action plan

Progress review

A detailed nutrient analysis

Customized lifestyle strategies

Sustainable goal-setting

A written summary of each appointment delivered to your inbox

4 follow-up emails (your opportunity to address questions, get clarification, adjust goals, track progress or reignite your motivation)