Cassie Cameron Personal Growth Coach


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Cassie Cameron

3-Session Psych-K Power Bundle

For busy go-getters who are seeking a swift and powerful upgrade to their subconscious programmes, the ability to free themselves from limiting beliefs, stress and blocks and are looking to work on specific life challenges to achieve results in a short amount of time - this three-session bundle is the perfect for you.

The Boss Biz Package

This bespoke coaching package is perfect for you if you are an emerging entrepreneur or small business owner looking to release stress, self-limiting beliefs and other barriers to your success so you can step into your full potential and maximise your success.

With 3 powerful sessions across 3 weeks, we will address the key areas needed for you to uplevel in your business, success and finances, as well as marketing and social media guidance. In my coaching I combine the power of Psych-K subconscious reprogramming, with practical guidance on all things business and marketing, and relevant wisdom and action steps.

It's perfect for you if:
- You are feeling "stuck" and want to get clarity and fall in love with your business again
- You are craving structure and a roadmap for the vision of your business
- You're great at what you do but need practical business support with a conscious lense
- You want to maximise your potential to manifest business and financial success
- You want to find your authentic and impactful voice on social media and truly shine in this area
- You're overwhelmed by the tasks you need to do to manage your business and don't know where to start

What I do:
I am a Personal Growth Coach, Psych-K Facilitator & Meditation teacher, and I help entrepreneurs, CEOs, coaches and healers to rapidly transform their success into stress and maximise their true potential, so you can give more of your gifts to the world! As a founder of multiple businesses, I know all too well the struggles of owning a small business, and I'm here to hold your hand through the intangible and also practical.

What you will achieve:
- A dramatic reduction in stress
- Reduction in stress and blocks around your business challenges and any conflict
- Uncover and release what's holding you back in your wealth and success
- Increased clarity, effectiveness and productivity
- Become a powerful manifesting magnet to kick your goals
- Transform your potential for success and wealth on a deep level
- Release any stress and blocks around successfully marketing yourself on social media
- Get clarity on practical action steps when it comes to your business, marketing and social media including practical implementation guidance

The 4-Week Entrepreneurial Success Package

This bespoke coaching package is perfect for you if you are a CEO or entrepreneur looking to dissolve stress, overcome challenges & uplevel in your business, let go of what's holding you back, and step into your highest potential for both yourself, your business and success!

Across 4 weeks, we dramatically rude your stress levels, transform your life's challenges into opportunities for growth, release the limiting subconscious beliefs that are holding you back, and create a powerful new reality.

This is perfect for you if:
- You are struggling to balance your personal or professional life
- You are feeling stagnant or blocked in your business
- You're facing a number of challenges in your business and life which you wish to resolve
- You're stressed, overwhelmed or navigating change
- You're ready to let go of sabotaging behaviours or patterns in your life
- You're ready to expand into your true potential and reach your goals
- You want to feel more confident, powerful and dynamic
- You want to become a powerful magnet for abundance and success

What you will achieve:
- A dramatic reduction and stress
- A new perspective on growth opportunities from your current life's challenges
- Uncover and release what's holding you back from taking your business to the next level
- Increased clarity, sense of direction and enthusiasm for your purpose and business vision
- Transform your potential for success in all areas of your life on a deep level
- New positive supportive subconscious beliefs that are in line with a life of success, happiness and wealth consciousness

The program is made up of your choice of 4 powerful sessions across 4 weeks where we rapidly dissolve your stress, and I hold you accountable to taking action towards long-lasting change.

By using a combination of coaching techniques and the revolutionary new consciousness technology of Psych-K you will be blown away by how quickly you experience results!

If you're interested in learning more or having any questions, email to book in a free 15min strategy session with me to identify key areas for growth and create your tailored 4-week programme to get you where you want to be.

I can't wait to work with you!

Cassie x