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Gift Certificate

2-Person 20-Min Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

“We’ve Got Masks”

2-Person 20-min Session Includes:
2 Medium wooden items
1 medium size electronic item
30 glass breakables

2-Person 30-min Gift Certificate

The Breakdown”
30 minutes @ $110.00
2-Person 30-Minute Smash Smash Includes:

2 Large wooden items
1 Medium Electronic
30 Glass Breakables

Gift Certificate

The Gift of Smashing!

Smash RX Gift Certificate

Smash RX Dollars

The Gift of Smashing.

Solo 15-min Gift Certificate

“Solo So’Chal Distance”

1 Person / Solo 15-minute Smash Session Includes:
1 Medium wooden item
1 Small Electronic item
25 glass breakables

Solo 30-min Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

“Circuit Breaker”

Solo/1-Person 30-minute Smash Session
1 Large Wooden item
1 Medium Wooden item
1 Electronic item
30 Glass breakables