Kinesiology Value Packages

New Client Kickstart Package

Includes 1 x Initial Kinesiology Session & 2 x Standard Kinesiology Sessions.

(Save $30)

Schedule all your appointments via the schedule link in your email receipt.

Maintenance Package (existing clients)

3 x 1hr 15mins Kinesiology Sessions to help stay balanced and keep on top of your A-game!

(save $30)

*For existing clients only.

Wellness Package

6 x 90 minute Kinesiology Sessions (save $60)

This package is for those who are serious about looking after they're wellbeing and want to get the best results (or just want to take advantage of the savings!)

Great for fatigue/exhaustion, hormonal complaints, physical pain, low mood, gut issues, chronic anxiety.

Mindset Value Packages

EFT Coaching Package

Learn how to use the powerful process of EFT (emotional freedom technique) to work through layers of emotional stress such as fear, anxiety and self-doubt so you can feel empowered knowing you have this tool you can access any time you need it.

EFT Coaching is conducted over skype over 3 weekly sessions. Each week you will be guided on how to use the process of EFT for your individual needs plus clearing and shifting specific issues you are currently faced with. Each week you will get homework on what to practice on, giving you the skills and confidence to use these techniques yourself.

Mindset Reset Package

Reset your mindset with:
- 6 x 90 minute Timeline Therapy Sessions

This Package is perfect for you to if you suffer with:
Low Self-Confidence, Low Self-Worth, Low Self-Belief, Anxiety & Low Mood

Each session we will work together to rewire core limiting beliefs and negative emotions getting in the way of you feeling calm, confident, empowered & feeling enough exactly as you are.

Let go of old conditioning & beliefs inhibiting you from feeling and being YOU.

Once you Purchase this Package, you will receive an email with an online Intake Form to fill out prior to your first appointment. with Skype details if your appointment is over Skype. You can schedule all of your appointments via the schedule link in your email receipt.