Yoga Package

Register for 3 Cat Yoga Classes, Get 1 FREE!

- After purchase, you will receive an email with a CODE. Use this Code in the 'Redeem Membership' field upon signing up for a yoga class to waive entry fee.
- Your code will allow you to register for any 4 Cat Yoga classes (they do not have to be in order).
- Code will expire 1 year after purchase.
- IF YOU REGISTER FOR MULTIPLE PEOPLE (ex: you and a friend) WITH ONE CODE, IT WILL COUNT TOWARDS THE 4 CLASSES. We recommend that you register for other people in a separate checkout.

Admission: $15.00 x 3 Classes = $45.00
Tax (8.625%): $3.88
Total Amount (including tax): $48.88


Bronze Kitty Membership

per month
Enjoy unlimited visits to our cattery plus a small coffee or famous drink (soda or lemonade). Simply tell the cashier that you are a member so we can look you up in the system!

Once your membership is purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with a 'CODE.' To book visits online, use this code, or the email you use to register, to redeem a free visit!

One Month Pass

Enjoy unlimited visits to the cattery for 30 consecutive days! Membership pass expires 30 days after activation