Zensation Spa


Deep Tissue Massage - 6 Sessions + 1 Free Soft Like a Baby Body Scrub

Target Areas: Full Body

An intense massage focused on reducing tension and stiffness. Strong pressure is applied using slow and deep strokes to target the inner layers of muscle and connective tissues, improving blood flow circulation and releasing hard knots.

• Reduces chronic pain
• Improves stiffness
• Releases trigger point blockages
• Rehabilitation for muscle and soft tissue injury

Total package value €470

Treatments are performed by our therapist Stalo

Marshmallow Classic Massage - 5 Sessions + 1 Free

This full-body massage uses gentle to medium pressure with gliding and stroking techniques to relieve muscle tension and ensure total body relaxation. As its name implies, this treatment will leave you feeling like your body has transformed into a marshmallow: no more stiffness, just soft and relaxed!

• Relieve tension
• Pain relief
• Improve flexibility
• Lower anxiety & stress

Total package value €360

Treatment is performed by our therapist Stalo