Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching

Diet Analysis

A diet analysis assesses your current diet, if you are gaining enough vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat, if you have enough fibre in your diet to aid digestion, if you are drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated and working at its optimum level - and much more!

✅ You'll log your food and drink intake for 5 days, which will be analysed using professional Nutrition Analysis software.
✅ You'll also provide information about your exercise and activity levels, your lifestyle and your health goals.
✅ I will create a detailed report including an overview of your current diet with a breakdown of your nutrient intake in a simple to understand format.
✅ You will receive recommendations for you to change and improve your current eating habits so you can feel your healthiest, happiest self!
✅ The service includes a call with me to discuss the report and any recommendations I suggest.

This is perfect for you if:
🌟You'd like to understand more about your current diet and whether you're gaining all the nutrients your body needs to function at its optimum level.
🌟You're motivated and confident to make changes to your diet and lifestyle without additional support from a Nutrition Coach, or...
🌟You'd like to learn more about your current diet and receive guidance and recommendations to optimise your nutrition before committing to a Nutrition Coaching Programme.

Vitality For Life Coaching Subscription

per month
❓Are you ready to stop dieting and start living?

🌟I help men and women who are struggling to maintain a healthy weight – despite trying more than 3 different diets and exercise regimes – to regain their confidence, get back in their favourite clothes and FINALLY reclaim their vitality!

🌟New clients may wonder how many sessions are needed. That will depend on your goals, readiness to change, what support systems you have in place, and where your relationship with food currently stands. It is challenging to predict - and this is why I keep my pricing simple.

🌟Vitality For Life is a subscription based programme. For £99 per month you receive two 40 minute coaching sessions with me, which can be taken by phone or Zoom video conferencing, plus support in a private Facebook community.

🌟 You will also be provided with meal plans, recipes, motivation and accountability to keep you on track and see you transform to a happier, healthier version of you.

🌟I am here for you as long as you find value in our sessions and need support, and you can cancel at any time putting you in control.

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