Pilates packages

10 Pack Pilates Equipment - 6 months to use!

This package entitles you of 10 equipment classes

You have 6 months to use your sessions

10 pack - Pilates equipment (twice a week) - 6 weeks to use


10 pack - Pilates Mat - 6 months to use!


10 pack - Pilates Mat (twice a week) - 6 weeks to use!


20 pack - Pilates fun deal (equipment) - 8 weeks to use!

For those who likes to do pilate sin studio 3 times per week or more.

This package expires in 7 weeks!

12 classes Mixed package ( 2 equip +1 mat per week) 2 months to use.

This package is for those who like to come to the studio 3 times per week and do a mix of equipment and mat sessions, considering 2 equipment sessions and 1 mat session per week.
The package is designed to last for 4 weeks but you have 2 months to use it.

Set up automatic debit! Memberships

Online unlimited Pilates Membership.

every 2 weeks

Extra - pilates online (for those who also attend sessions in studio)

every 2 weeks
This package has a special price for those who come to classes once or more per week in studio at Pulse but still enjoys the convenience of pilates at home or anywhere!

As you come to studio you can pay $35 instead of $55 per week to have unlimited access to our online sessions.

This membership will be charged every 2 weeks the amount of $70.

Thank you and enjoy!

Pulse membership 1 - once a week! charged fortnightly =

every 2 weeks

Pulse membership 2 - twice a week! charged fortnightly =

every 2 weeks

Pulse membership 3 - 3 times a week! charged fortnightly =

every 2 weeks

Pulse pilates Fan - unlimited sessions (online +studio) ! charged fortnightly =

every 2 weeks
With this package/membership you can do as many sessions you would like to, in studio and online for $125 cost per week.
That means that if can come to see us from Monday to Friday for only $25 per session.