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10 x Low pressure Fitness privates


gentle yoga journey

5 weeks of Gentle yoga

I invite you to join my 5 week yoga course where we’ll start with gentle yoga, focusing on the basic poses and slowly progressing to longer holds in those poses to build strength and encourage good posture. By week 4, we’ll add some light hand weights in selected postures for increased resistance training. All of this goes hand in hand with what we know about working to slowly increasing bone mineral density. With yoga, many poses are weight bearing for all 4 limbs, not just the legs, and as such daily Yoga can have a very positive effect on the body, as well as the mind. It’s a Win – WIN!

This course is suitable for everyone. No previous yoga experience required. Please let your instructor know of any injuries so we can modify accordingly.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Vanessa Botha – Bio

Yoga for me is about connection to body, mind and breath. It gives me focus and clarity plus increases my mobility and flexibility.

I love to teach Gentle yoga where we can slowly work to strengthen and condition the body. Toning the muscles, while we focus on the basic yoga postures, always working within your range of motion and flexibility.

Restorative Yoga is my passion. Although I love a good flowing Vinyasa class, I do find the quieter side of the mat is where I prefer to teach from.

Pilates & Yoga packages

12 sessions - Clinical, equipment and mat

This package option is for those who comes 3 times per week:

1 session of clinical studio Pilates
1 session of Reformer
1 session of Mat Pilates

New year new ways - 12 pack 3 x week Pilates (new clients only)

This is the new year's resolution package. 12 classes to be enjoyed 3 times per week. be used in 4 weeks

Starter Package - 1 x Initial assessment + 3 x Group classes


10 Pack Pilates Equipment - 6 months to use!

This package entitles you of 10 equipment classes

You have 6 months to use your sessions

10 pack - Pilates equipment (twice a week) - 6 weeks to use


10 pack - Pilates Mat, Barre and Yoga package - 6 months to use!


10 pack - Pilates Mat, Barre and Yoga package (twice a week) - 6 weeks to use!


20 pack - Pilates fun deal (equipment) - 8 weeks to use!

For those who likes to do pilate in studio 3 times per week or more.

This package expires in 7 weeks!

12 Package - 2 mat/ yoga/ circuit sessions, 1 x equipment class (5 week expiry)


12 classes Mixed package ( 2 equip +1 Mat, Yoga or Barre session per week) 2 months to use.

This package is for those who like to come to the studio 3 times per week and do a mix of equipment and mat sessions, considering 2 equipment sessions and 1 mat session per week.
The package is designed to last for 4 weeks but you have 2 months to use it.

Private packages

Starter package - Initial Pack (1 Initial Assessment + 3x 30 minutePrivate Sessions)


Low Pressure Fitness - Initial Pack (1 Initial Assessment + 3x 30 minutePrivate Sessions)


10 pack 30 min private pilates - 6 Months to use.


10 pack 45 min private pilates - 6 Months to use.


10 pack 60 mins private Pilates - 6 months to use.

This package is only for a 60 mins private Pilates. Not for use with Daniela. Not for use for smaller times (cannot do 2x 30 mins for example).

Set up automatic debit! Memberships

Postura membership 1 - once a week! (equipment classes) charged fortnightly =

every 2 weeks

Postura membership 2 - twice a week! (equipment classes) charged fortnightly =

every 2 weeks

Postura membership 3 - 3 times a week! (equipment classes) charged fortnightly =

every 2 weeks

Postura pilates Fan - unlimited sessions (including clinical studio) ! charged weekly

per week
With this package/membership you can do as many group sessions you would like to, in studio and online for $135 cost per week.
This Package also includes the Pilates Clinical studio.

Please note - unlimited members will be allowed up to 3 no shows or late cancelation per month, after that the sessions missed will be charged extra from the unlimited package price. This is to ensure we only have bookings for the sessions that are being attended and other clients don't miss out on spots that end up not used.