4 Modules Zoom Package

Ohio Concealed Carry Training - 4 MODULES PACKAGE - Zoom Meetings

This course is guaranteed to meet the Ohio training requirement.

The course fee is $90 and is non-refundable. If the online format doesn't work for you, you will be able to upgrade your class to the in-person training and just pay the difference.

This package includes 4 modules: three 2-hour online class meetings and one 2-hour in person range training. Each of these four modules will need to be scheduled separately. Think of this package as a gift certificate. You will enter your email address when registering for the 4 individual modules and it will cover the cost of each module in full.

There will be various date and time options to accommodate your schedule. The online classes can be completed in any order. The online classes must be completed before the in-person range training.

*** The online Zoom meeting requires that you have a camera that allows you to be visible during the class time. You are required to be actively engaged in the training. You can use your smart phone, tablet, or computer with camera and microphone. ***

**If you are PREGNANT, you'll need a doctors note to complete the live fire portion. Talk to us about options.

**If you had an OHIO LICENSE in the PAST and it EXPIRED, you probably don't need training. Talk to the sheriff's office before purchasing. This transaction is non-refundable.

**If you are current or former MILITARY, you probably don't need training. Talk to the sheriff's office before purchasing. This transaction is non-refundable.

Gift Certificates

A2D $50

$50 off any of our classes!

Ohio Concealed Carry - In Person Class


Women's Only Concealed Carry Training Class Gift Certificate

This class uses curriculum that was written by a woman specifically for women. Ladies will find the course very relatable. They will leave feeling empowered.

This gift certificate covers the full cost of the Women's Only Concealed Carry Training Class. It never expires. It will always cover the full cost of the class even if the cost were to increase in the future.

We highly encourage students to bring their own gun if they own one. It makes sense to get trained on what you own. However, if you don't own a gun, it is no problem! Students can pay a $10 fee at the class to use one of our guns.

This gift certificate includes the initial $50 non-refundable deposit. If a student schedules for a class and then needs to reschedule for a different date when their class date is less than 72 hours away, they will need to pay a new $50 deposit for the new class date.

If a student needs to reschedule and there is more than 72 hours notice, the entire value of this gift certificate will remain.