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Goodbye Mascara (Classic)

£20.00 initial setup plus £55.00 per month
we will attach one lash extension to your eyelash to replace previous lash extension that has fallen out to create a vibrant, natural look that never goes out of style. Say goodbye to mascara.

Two eyebrow wax included each month.

Hello Fluffy (Hybrid)

£20.00 initial setup plus £65.00 per month
We beautifully combine classic and volume lashes for the perfect blend of fullness and texture to replace lashes that has fallen out.

Two eyebrow wax included.

Lash Queen (Volume)

£20.00 initial setup plus £85.00 per month
We attach a handmade fan of 2+ lash extensions to your eyelash to create a full, luscious look that wows to replace fallouts.

Two eyebrow wax is included.