Advanced Akashic Records Package

This Package Includes Akashic Record Reports listed below. I recomend this for someone who wants a deeper healing expirience.

Akashic Report 1: Soul Bluepring
Akashic Report 2: Multi-life Chakra Scan
Akashic Report 2a: Relationship, Twin-flame, Soulmate
Akashic Report 3: Gifts and Gift Activations
Akashic Report 3a: Meet your Guides

Akashic Records: Soul Healing Basics

This package includes the Akashic Record essential basics:

Akashic Report 1: Soul Bluepring
Akashic Report 2: Multi-life Chakra Scan
Akashic Report 3: Gifts and Gift Activations

EXPEDITED Session Package

This package allows you to "skip the line" on your healing sessions. Jessenia Usually books 8+ weeks out. With the purchase of this package your first session will be delivered within 3 weeks and each session 1-2 weeks after.

This package includes:

8 Full-hour Akashic Reports and one hour phone consultation so see what sessions are right for you. Once you book, you will get a code to choose your session days. this package is limited. I can only accommodate a couple of these a month.

Gift Certificate

This is good for any full hour session listed on the booking site. this is the perfect option for those who want to buy services for another but don't know what they want or need. The gift receiver can use the code to book whatever full hour session they choose, on their own time.

Gift Coaching Package

This purchase is for 5 Gift Coaching Sessions. Each hour long coaching session takes place online in a private Facebook group where I will be using your akashic Report 3/4 Gift report to help safetly guide you in gift use and implementation.

Zoom Mini Class Large Package (2 classes free)

Includes 7 mini classes viz zoom. No cancellations or refunds will be accomodated.


Tier 3: Mentorship

per week
Tier 3 includes:

Tier 1 includes:

*Access to a weekly group sermon. Subscribers will be added to a private Facebook group where Jessenia will go live once a week to discuss spiritual based topics and how they are affecting us.

*One full-hour session will be given away to one lucky member of the group each month.

* Ability to suggest webinar topics

* Access to webinars released during your subscription, only for the duration of your subscription

* The oppertunity to ask one yes or no psychic question per month

‚Äč* A monthly session per month of fully paid subscription

*Monthly intuitive trainings & exercises within the group

$95 usd per week

Client is responsible for cancelling their subscription. No refunds will be accomodated. The first session will be delivered after the client has paid 4 full payments, then the client will have access to a session once a month thereafter. The client is responsible for booking those sessions themselves.