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02 - Wombwork Pathways

Sensual Fluency 101 - Introduction to Living Magic


This pathway will help you develop the foundational tools for understanding your body as an intelligence system so that you may learn its language to guide you into your best life. Begin healing your relationship with your body, with yourself, and with your loved ones, and discover the magic available to you when you say YES to loving and listening to your wise wise body.

Sensual Fluency 101 will show you the power you have to consciously create your life instead of repeating the same old (usually inherited) cycles and patterns. You will learn and apply practices for developing trust in your intuition, cultivating intimacy in your relationships, and harnessing your feminine magic to create meaningful and fulfilling work that keeps you paid.

You will also learn the importance and power of FEELING to heal, of listening to your body as a guide - even when she is speaking to you in discomfort. You will be called to examine and challenge your most deeply ingrained beliefs! And you will create NEW beliefs that are empowering and TRUE!

Sis, do you know how magical you are?

Living Magic - Advanced Sensual Fluency


This Pathway will take you through Sensual Fluency 101 and beyond. Three additional sessions over six weeks of partnership will help you integrate and apply all you've learned in your introductory sessions toward a specific intention of our design.

Common focus areas include:
~ Relationship intimacy & harmony
~ Body image & self-esteem challenges
~ Pursuing your purposework
~ Aligning with your divine partner
~ Transmuting childhood, sexual, & birth trauma
~ Trusting your intuition to build an inspired life
~ Household management with young children
~ Multiracial identity reconciliation

Participants will be expected to complete application activities between sessions.

Becoming Your Medicine - Branding & Business Development for Witches


Branding and business development is about more than just tech and design. It's about knowing who you are and what you want to offer the world. It's about becoming your medicine.

This pathway will guide you through a six-week, fast-paced process of translating your business ideas into practical, effective, and eye-gushing branding that will not only get you seen, but get your message out there to the people who need to hear it most.

These sessions can be combined with any Alchemical Child Digital Services contract, offering multidimensional support for getting your healing practice running behind the scenes so you can focus on what you do best: being your medicine.