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07 - Pathways

Mixie Magic: Harnessing the Alchemy of your Multiracial Ancestry


Racial identity integration for witches and mystics. This pathway is especially designed for the Western-born multiracial woman who is ready to transcend generational blocks and conditioning from growing up in the age of racial and cultural segregation. This Pathway is for the woman who creates her own identity (or who is ready to!) and is ready to understand how even the experience of multiraciality has a sacred and vital role in the expansion into The New Earth.

If you've struggled to find your place in society, I'd like to help you create one for yourself! The freedom of not fitting into any boxes is that we get to make our own...or we get to shred all the boxes to make confetti for a dance party! The point is that we get to create the rules for ourselves.

A VIGNETTE FOR MY CREDS: Proud mixie of West African and Northern European bloodstock. Diviner and enchantress, to name a bit from each of my lines. Gushy mama of a Shona baby boy. Divine Partner to a Heinz 57. Living cultural integration inside and out. I cherish diversity and celebrate difference because a salad with just lettuce...sucks.