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Packages: Day Camp

Day Camp Subscription

per month
A great option for those who want to automatically enroll in Day Camp each month without the hassle of re-purchasing and scheduling all of your appointments!

- Schedule up to 8 sessions a month*
- Can be used for 2-dog families**
- Dogs get a filled Kong at lunch for free
- Choose multiple days a week

*Sorry, unused appointments do not roll-over to the next month
** Multi-dog families can schedule each dog 1x a week

10 Day Camp Punchcard

BEST VALUE - $50 Savings - FREE DAY!

5 Day Camp Punchcard

$15 Savings!

3 Day Camp Punchcard

$5 Savings!

MULTI-DOG 10 Day Camp Punchcard


MULTI-DOG 5 Day Camp Punchcard

$25.00 Savings