Virtually Healthy Me

per year
$99/year including 1x health coach session a year.

FULL features of Virtually Healthy Me includes:
- Workout and exercise sessions with the coaches
- Health and food factoids
- Blind-cipe with Dr. Olivia (how to cook without a recipe)
- Weekly LIVE/recorded focus group session
- 1x30min health coaching session and biometric measure a year

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Oura Ring - Silver or Black

The most accurate sleep and activity tracker available on the market!
Wearable tracker as a ring around your finger!

Measured During Day:
- Activity Levels
- Calories
- Steps
- Inactive Times
- Naps

Measured During Sleep
- Resting Heart Rate
- Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
- Respiratory Rate
- Body Temperature
- Light, Deep and REM Sleep
- Nighttime Movement
- Sleep Timing and Quality

Lightweight titanium
7 days battery (charges full between 20-80min)
Water-resistant to 100m
Integrates with Google Fit or Apple Health

Style: Balanced Silver or Black

1x Oura ring
1x charger
1x sizing kit
1x onboarding to Oura Teams for the team at Real Healthy Me to make necessary recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes.

FreeStyle Libre

Freestyle Libre measures interstitial blood sugar, correct to the minute over 24/7.
It lasts 2 weeks, and will save a lot of finger prick testing!

1x Freestyle Libre Sensor
1x onboarding to Libre View if need

Metabiome Gut Testing

A Comprehensive Test For Microbiome Composition And Function.

Simple, non-invasive sampling performed at home and conveniently posted in the supplied reply paid envelope for assessment.
Practitioner-centric report, emailed, with information sorted into body systems for easy interpretation.
Report provides complete picture of gut microorganisms and their function.


The IgG Food MAP test detects all food antibodies with greater precision than ELISA tests.
Includes a wide range of foods, common in the Western, Asian, and Mediterranean diets. GP Labs have added a hemp allergy marker because it is very common now as a food source or as medical CBD. GP Labs are able to run the IgG Food MAP on both serum and dried blood spot samples.
Please note that the elimination of a food prior to sampling will reduce the ability for GP Labs to detect antibodies (allergies) to that food.

Please note that the elimination diet is based only on IgG testing. To be safe, testing for IgE antibodies to food allergens should be considered PRIOR TO BEGINNING an ELIMINATION DIET. If a patient has negative results for IgG antibodies, it does not necessarily mean he/she is negative for IgE, IgM, or IgA antibodies.

DUTCH Complete Cycle Mapping

For some women, testing reproductive hormones (progesterone, estrogen, etc.) on a single day is sufficient. In other scenarios, the clinical picture cannot be properly captured without “mapping” out the hormonal pattern throughout their menstrual cycle.

The expected pattern of hormones shows relatively low estrogen levels early in the cycle, a surge around ovulation and modest levels in the latter third of the cycle (the luteal phase). Progesterone levels, on the other hand, stay relatively low until after ovulation. After ovulation, levels ideally increase (>10-fold) and then drop back down at the end of the cycle. A disruption in this cycle can lead to infertility or hormonal imbalance.

• Women struggling with infertility
• Women with cycling hormones and no menses
• Partial hysterectomy (ovaries intact but no uterus)
• Ablations
• Women with irregular cycles
• If the luteal phase shifts from month-to-month
• Not sure when to test due to long or short cycles
• Women whose hormonal symptoms tend to fluctuate throughout the cycle
• PMS, mid-cycle spotting, migraines, etc.

• Postmenopausal women
• Women on birth control
• Women with cycles that follow the expected pattern

DUTCH PLUS + Insomnia hormone monitoring

The DUTCH Plus® with Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) takes hormone testing to a whole new level. In addition to sex hormones and their metabolites, it also looks at the overall diurnal pattern of free cortisol, and the total and distribution of cortisol metabolites.

The DUTCH Plus® report includes: Metabolites of Estrogens (10, including E1, E2, E3, 2-OHE1, 4-OH-E1, 2-OHE2, 4-OH-E2, 16-OH-E1, 2-methoxy-E1, 2-methoxy-E2) , Androgens (8, including Testosterone, DHT and DHEA-S),
Progesterone (2), Cortisol (3), Melatonin (6OHMS), 8-OHdG, and OATs (6). The diurnal pattern of Free Cortisol and
Cortisone are also provided, including the Cortisol Awakening Response.

What insight does DUTCH Plus® offer in an insomnia case?
• Free cortisol values throughout the day, including at bedtime
• Overnight melatonin production
• Progesterone levels
• VMA (primary metabolite of norepinephrine and epinephrine)

Cardiorespiratory fitness testing - Active and Resting

Metabolic testing measures inspiratory and expiratory gases to determine oxygen utilisation, carbon dioxide production, and ventilation (amount of air exchanged with the environment). Doing this at rest and at a range of exercise intensities gives us the most accurate assessment of your:
- Fuel ratio (carbs vs fat) at different efforts
- Fat max (the exercise intensity you burn the most fat)
- Training zones
- Anaerobic (lactate) threshold
- VO2 max
- Daily calorie burn
- Metabolic efficiency - how “fast” or “slow” your metabolism is.

Koha Fitness Gym Membership

per week
Membership at Koha Fitness:
24/7 access
elite machines
fitness classes
Killerwatts classes
discounted massage
physio on site
unlimited body composition measures

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Health Voucher

NZD100 value for services or subscriptions at Real Healthy Me.